Android 9.0 Pie Now Rolling Out To RP1 Devices (Live Again!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Aug 19, 2019.

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  1. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    This thread is for the Razer Phone 1 Pie Update, not the Razer Phone 2, I would advise to open a new thread for that issue. Sorry.
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  2. Puceaerostreet363

    Puceaerostreet363 New Member

    My phone didn't get updated any news on the rerelease of the update thx
  3. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    Nothing yet, no updates were received as of 4 days ago confirmed by Razer Phone Reddit. Guess you just have to wait with the rest of us ;).
  4. Zane_Magnum

    Zane_Magnum New Member

    It's been a month now... ☹️
  5. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    If you have the same issue try resetting Game Booster settings-> Game Booster-> Top right corner and reset, make sure go confirm the reset.

    Then this means sadly there have been no fixes yet to the issue, i im sure it wont wake long now just hold on a little longer ;)
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  6. I didnt receive any?

    Do we need to manually do this?

    Or there is an auto updater?
  7. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    No no no, he/she meant that its been a month since the update was pulled not that its been out for a month ;)
  8. h3xw1z4rd

    h3xw1z4rd New Member

    Razer are so poor at updates. The phone itself is great but over a year since last security patch isn't acceptable for a flagship. Zero urgency. This is why their phones have failed to really take off. I was going to upgrade to the Razer phone 2 but why should I bother if it's going to get little future support and I can buy a phone from another brand for half the price that will perform just as well?
  9. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    But you got to give credit to razer i am no fanboy either but razer started the refresh rate race among markets, asus came out with the 120hz after razer as well as google/samsung teasing the 90hz oleds. So yeah. I mean if you got the RP1 the only reason to upgrade to the 2nd is the waterproofing, and some fixed issues, although i i vent found the non-waterproofed rp1 to be a problem either had water pour over it well rain and such and no problems what so ever.
  10. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    to be fair.... they did push the update, but yanked it due to a bug... but you're mostly right. zero comment on the status of the pulled update from Razer doesn't bode well.
  11. ahh i see. shucks.. thats sad to hear as im looking forward for the update.

    Nevertheless if it happen, that be great for us pioneer users. :D
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  12. twistedmjc

    twistedmjc Member

    Just started receiving it.. looks like they fixed things. Check for updates everyone!
  13. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    Yup, 56.8MB update if you already have 9.0. Same july 2019 security update.
  14. SalemWitch22

    SalemWitch22 New Member

    The update is now live again
  15. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    Gamebooster seems to work again, ut had to reset it 1 last time before it did.
  16. 007adam1

    007adam1 New Member

    UK Three still waiting ;). Rolling out slower here, but its definitely worth the wait :D
  17. Finally got the update (Romania). I was actually preparing to flash Lineage OS and checked one last time.
  18. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    File size is 56mb if you had pie already or 1.2GB if you're on Oreo. Changlog is the exact same but unofficially this build fixes the Game Booster issue.

    Still waiting for confirmation for carrier rollout.

    Really glad to see this update going out for you all :) you've all been extremely patient and I thank you for hanging in there! Remember this update is because all of you have been amazing!

    Any issues please let me know and I'll assist as much as possible.
  19. just went to update setting click on system update.
    and there the update is there! woo ooo..

    just wanna check, did any of you guys receive notification to update?
    mine i need to manually click on system update to see if there is an update for it.
  20. ne4uBo

    ne4uBo New Member

    Great. I hope nobody will find new bugs
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