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Android 9 Pie

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by XOmegaGold, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. XOmegaGold

    XOmegaGold New Member

    With the recent release of Android 9 Pie, I was wondering if there was any official news on if the Razer Phone was going to be getting that release.
  2. IAMCha0tik

    IAMCha0tik New Member

    IF this is going to happen, it would be nice to see the Razer work with google so we can opt-in for Beta as we wait for the final release on the Razer Phone.
  3. resul4ee

    resul4ee New Member

    I would assume so, the phone is not even one years old. Regarding the Beta, last time they had a Beta for a few weeks before 8.1 rolled out. But iirc you had to wipe your data, hopefully they will have a better Beta program this time around if they have one.
  4. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    Exactly. I am looking forward to android 9.
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  5. Midnightfrolic

    Midnightfrolic New Member

    Android Pie was released today. I hope we get this for our Razer Phone.
  6. Love46patel

    Love46patel Active Member

    I think razer phone user will get android pie but i think that will be the final update for razer phone (i wish it doesn't happen)
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  7. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    So there is a post in another thread (https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/razer-phone-with-bluetooth-car-audio.30133/page-8) where someone had a reply from support stating that the BT issue with 8.1 MR1 will only be fixed with a roll out of Pie.

    It doesn't say when that's going to happen, just hints that it will. That's not so unusual as I find Razer Phone support big on lip service but small on action. However bear in mind that Oreo 8.0 was released August 2017 but Razer didn't release it until April 2018 (8.1 MR0).

    In otherwords I'd be surprised if it rolled out this calendar year.

    And even more surprised if I'm still using the phone when it does due to their apparent lack of concern over fixing the 8.1 MR1 BT issues (many people have been without a properly functional BT since May).
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  8. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    Thanks for your hint :)
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  9. Zane_Magnum

    Zane_Magnum New Member

    Let's just hope Razer doesn't follow suit with fragmentation; 6 months is a long time to update.
    This would be the reason why I may stay with the Pixel line.
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  10. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    when will we get update
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  11. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    I think we will get this update in 1 or 2 month. Razer need to fix the bluetooth problem and that patch will release in Android Pie. Be Patient :)
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  12. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    No,MR2 is out in the next few days to fix the BT problem....Pie, my best guess is not for a good while yet.
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  13. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    Oh really? Coz I contacted Razer via email a month ago and they said they will fix bt problem in Pie.

    Will this MR2 include new camera updates or modes? Such a good guess
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2018
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  14. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Copy of the e-mail I received...

    Hi Cliff!

    This issue will be fixed by the Android 8.1 MR2 update which will be available by the end of August.

    Thank you for your patience.



    Razer - Tier 1

    They had previously advised it would be in Pie in this thread https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/razer-phone-with-bluetooth-car-audio.30133/page-8 but then corrected themselves to another user and myself.

    Given it's the 29th I'm still a little unsure!!
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  15. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

  16. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    nice to hear but it's the 31st still no update
  17. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    I thought we were getting MR2 for 8.1.0 by end of August? I think this is the last day of August.
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  18. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    I'm not sure what the bluetooth issue is. Can anyone elaborate?
    I connect to BT speakers without any issues and get good range. When I connect to my Bluetooth Hammerhead I get horrible connection. If I turn my head even slightly it cuts out. I found out that if I simple put a finger on the little controller module I lose connection and just figured it was the headphones having an issue.

    Anyway, speaking of connection issues...

    Anyone finding they get less connection with this phone compared to others. For example, I live in an area where LTE is strong and weak just walking down the street. My Google Pixel 2 XL stays connected and has a strong connection. In the same areas I'm finding that my Razer Phone disconnects completely.

  19. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Ỳeah no update here either although I'm on 3 so maybe that's why. Anyone using the global images?

    BT issue is that on MR1 some users cannot auto connect to devices (mainly car head units). Neither do they get any meta on connected devices (track listings/ dialled numbers/ etc.)

    I've not noticed the Razer is any better or worse with 4G but 4G is very hit and miss even on the same devices where I am anyway
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  20. xRuhRohx

    xRuhRohx Member

    The BT issue we all have is not being able to connect to 'smart' devices. Car stereos, fitbits, things that do more than just provide an output for sound.

    As far as signal goes, I have zero issues .
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