Another battery bulge issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by xandreu, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I saw poeple saying and hoping to change the placement of that bios Chip under heat sink, since 2015 model but it doesn’t also mean they are using cheap chips or poor thermal limits, that didn’t explain how my 2 years Blade 14 2015 could be sold on mint condition after I used it for mostly gaming. I don’t even care if they put battery behind the screen as long as it’s working for me...well that’s the version from users that didn’t have the issues yet.
    About zephyrus, till it was released i saw it stays always on windows display for trying and had price down until €1777, from €3000, no one bought it. Sometimes i feel sorry and want to buy it, but that battery life, backcover area that always open and I don’t buy unfortunately laptop over 2Kg. It’s nice to have gysyn panel better gtx 1070 gpu, eh sorry maxq 1080, but with extra juice from the core i could turn my Blade14 into 4K gaming laptop, and made not a day night differences but day to evening around 18:00 o’clock performance difference with blade dGPU. I think my FFXV 4K benchmark also showed better performance than gtx 1080, even with cpu bottleneck and TB3 Bandwidth, well for €1050 upgrade it’s worth imo:)
  2. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Id buy asus if they have 4k display. Im returning my razer blade pro. Good riddance.
  3. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Jolkansai you came across as someone working for razer. Do you work for razer?
  4. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    I have the same model and just recently the exact same problem. Battery bulged after ~14 months of use to a point, that the chassis would bent heavily. Being out of warranty, I ordered a replacement and guess what.. connector cable 1-2mm too short.

    You are one of us unlucky guys, that got a unit of the first batch i7-7500 RBS. Seems like they changed the board layout in the middle of production, the longer connector on our model is identical to the previous model (2016, i7-6500U). The battery you received is genuine, but will only fit the newer batches / updated RBS with 8gen CPU. Sadly, the battery we need is not available anywhere outside of Razer's support space.

    I got another battery for the old RBS with lower capacity that fits perfectly, but it is not being detected no matter what. Could be a BIOS signature check or the small difference in voltage (11.4 vs 11.55) that prevents it form working. I gave up on this one, unless someone else has a brilliant idea.

    Sending it to Razer and pay for the replacement is out of question, as we might just receive another faulty battery that will bulge after 1 year (like in your case) .....
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Do you know by serial number first batch RBS late 2016? It’s okay by first numbers.
  6. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    The SN of my device starts with: BY1642A29600...

    I can send you a PM, in case you want to know the full SN.
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  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    No thanks, it’s fine I just want to make sure which one my refurbished Stealth is. Mine is I’m including to the unlucky one;)? It still has around 8 months warranty, so far nothing suspicious about the hardware.
  8. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    which pro do have? the gtx1080?
  9. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Only way to make sure is opening the base cover.. if you see a black cable going from the battery to the mainboard, then you might be out of luck.
  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    On latest version gaming notebook I think they don’t have it, Zephyrus only FHD 144Hz.
    I wish i do;), in Soccer I play also across the ground from goalkeeper to forward:)
  11. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    No, I bough it on E-bay from a random seller.

    Here the full update on my side. I decided to go the rogue way and replace the battery out of warranty on my own for number of reasons I do not want to repeat.

    The battery has arrived this weekend and it looks almost identical - you can see how "bulgy" is the damaged one:

    About a month to arrive from China/Hong Kong to Europe for 100$ - not a bad deal, if you ask me.

    The operation to replace is it is trivial, no more than 5-10 minutes - just screws and a couple of cables on the way:

    But sadly the end result is not OK. The laptop will charge only up to 77% when working. When I shut it down and leave it for several hours plugged in, it will eventually report 100%, plugged in, not charging in Windows 10, but when I release the cable there is no indication for time remaining. Not sure, if there is something on software level I need to do in Windows.

    Bottom line I think the battery I ordered from China has a damaged cell, but it has 1 year warranty, so let's hope they will send a new one. I will give it a last try today, to see, if this is problem with Windows 10 reporting.

    I do not regret for not sending this to Razer, but I think it is a good info for other suffering the same problem.
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  12. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    the windows battery estimation hasn't worked on mine for I use batteryBar pro, but HWinfo will do the job as well to monitor discharge rate, wear, etc.
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  13. SireOblivion

    SireOblivion Active Member

    They use chips that are not rated at the temperatures that they can potentially reach in the small chassis of a Blade, it's literally what the manufacturer's of those chips state. Regardless if they fail or not, they're not designed for the temps they can hit in a Blade.

    So far, my ROG Zephyrus has been phenomenal in every way sans the battery life, but that doesn't matter much to me since I'm always plugged in. The 120hz/G-Sync panel is the star of the show though, it's absolutely beautiful seeing games tear free and completely smooth and I'm surprised Razer doesn't offer this option unless you get the overpriced, and lower spec'd Blade Pro which makes no sense. I don't even think that panel has G-Sync.

    My performance is also on par with your Firestrike results, with the added benefit that I don't need a Razer Core (which defeats portability) and a GPU in this insane GPU market:

    All that being said, I'm not going to give the ROG Zephyrus a complete pass until it lasts me a long while. I haven't had it for long so there's always time for it to fail, but right now, I have a laptop that's better in every way than my Blade for basically the same cost so it's a no brainer purchase. This far into my owner ship of my Blade I was dealing with the awful thermal throttling issues and in 4~ months I had to RMA for a dead motherboard.
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  14. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Did you emptied the battery first before charging? Yes Windows Battery measure isn’t accurate only roughly,
    You can still surpass that score if you want, look at notebook review Forum about zephyrus, but it is all only benchmarks, it comes differently on real gaming performance, 1080 maxq still won’t surpass 1080ti even on egpu setting, maybe full 1080 can with some overclocking and sweating;) Though happy for you if you like your new machine. I don’t bring the core to go btw;) It just sitting at home with my 4K monitor to play 4K game, and I got the core v2 for €300 from Christmas presents from a friend that didn’t need it, 1080ti, I got luckily for €750, here the price isn’t so crazy as in US even still abnormal. And what I like from Core is my Blade temperature isn’t even reach 70, and it’s way quite than playing with dGPU:)
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  15. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Put me in the tinfoil hat camp as well. There are too many of these all with the exact same issue happening at the same age.

    Razer's battery controller is over or undercharging the cells in this model. I guess overcharging based on how these laptops are likely to be used.

    I don't have one so I can't prove it. In a nutshell you need: -the specific cell chemestry so the voltage limits can be determined. -A voltmeter with skinny probes that measure the maximum (when charging stops) and minimum (when the system shuts off for good, not the windows auto shutdown at 5% or 0% or whatever) cutoffs.

    -Making sure that when the battery is truly dead there is absolutely no load (couple microamps, maybe). Undercharging is just as damaging as overcharging.

    Is this really tinfoil hat nonsense? Of course not. In another post (there are a LOT of 2016/7 RBPs with swelling batteries, so here ) a user with the same problem and model posted a transcript with Razer CS rep named Adrian and he supposedly (that part of the transcript wasn"t shared) admitted they were overcharging the batteries.

    Razer employees aren't nearly as blindly enthusiastic about their products as he is. They could ship a mouse that blew your hand off after 5 minutes of use and cost $800 and fry your PC and he would declare it the best product ever so long as there was a snake on it.
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  16. defmetal

    defmetal New Member

    I had the exact same issue -
    Razer Blade Pro 2016 with GTX 1080.

    I had the battery bulge, and my case wouldn't close. I bought it from razerzone store.
    Happened right after warranty expired.
    They tried to charge me $2000 to fix it, no joke.

    I tagged Min on twitter asking WTF, customer support called me, and fixed it for free as a curtesy. Appreciated, shouldn't have had to do that though.

    I think most of us are in agreement paying reasonable fees for nonwarranty repair. I'd have paid the $200 for a battery or whatever they charge, no problem. But when it's something that's not user error, that's not a REASONABLE repair cost.

    Apple charges $350 for a "flat rate" out of warranty repair, per incident. Fixes any problem that is not physical damage caused by the user (ie water damage, broken, etc).

    EDIT: I want to clarify, when they fixed it as a curtesy, I had them fix it ONCE under warranty about 6 months earlier and I said "how do I know this wasn't related to the last time I had you fix it".

    I think there is enough cases here to justify a class-action even if the only remedy to the situation is that they offer unconditional warranty extensions (say 3-5 years) for anyone who has a battery defect.
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  17. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Really? It sounds like not only bulging battery issue, maybe it also breaks mother board, including GPU (but it’s quite impossible since it is placed at top areas over the battery) , case etc only bulging could be expensive but not 2K, for 2016 model you can maybe get refurbished for a bit more expensive from Amazon.
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  18. defmetal

    defmetal New Member

    I mean I can link you the email they sent, but it's already been fixed as a one-time curtesy. They did say the motherboard have to be replaced as a result of the damage of the battery
    I was pointing out that, it's absurd to charge so much for it when it's obviously not a defect I could have caused. AND, when so many others have the same problem around the same time. (1.3 year mark, roughly).

    We all know how a warranty works and that in general you are SOL if you didn't buy it. This should be something that is a recall.

    Apple had this scenario happen, where MacBook batteries started bulging and they were forced to extend warranties to anyone affected. This is a large-scale issue, not a handful of incidents. Certainly are enough reported here.

    Either Razer is intentionally doing something in their configuration that damages the batteries and leads to bulging, or highly increased chance of it (undervolting, overvolting, etc), or they are buying defective batteries. The shelf life of a laptop should be close to 5 years, regardless of a warranty. Not have an "expected" life of 1 year.

    It should also not be considered an abnormal usage scenario to leave a laptop plugged in. A lot of people, like myself, dock the computer but enjoy the portability of a powerhouse computer for work trips. If leaving it plugged in has an overwhelming chance to create battery bulging, and damage other components, then this should be identified to users so that maybe we buy from another brand. Having said that, problems happen with any hardware and if a company properly responds to it, there shouldn't be an issue. My point was, they should offer everyone extended warranties from issues that arise from batteries, free of charge, because of how large-scale this issue appears to be.
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  19. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I thought that. Yes motherboard replacement is expensive like hell. BTW I always need to know that laptop I buy has at least 2 years guarantee, we're lucky to be covered by EU law and get it including Razer laptops. Yes I heard and mentioned before that some big manufacturer give free replacement or fix for similar issue. But for small company they are also not 100% wrong, outside warranty you should pay it, that's why getting longer warranty somehow is a wise way, especially for something that poeple is saying costs an organ imo.
  20. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Also keep in mind they only sold like a thousand 17" units total in 2016. Jury's still out on 13/14" and other battery devices like mice and power bank. (FTR, my power bank works fine but it gets damn hot).

    My laptop spends 99% of it's time plugged in so when I need it I can use it.

    I've had 3 razer stealth laptops and two of them died (crazy amounts of bluescreens) just outside of the warranty term. I don't care about cost as my employer reimburses me but it is damn annoying to have to set up a new PC all the time and sell the old one to a dealer. OK, I do care about cost a little bit as it comes out of my opex budget and a new PC every year is ridiculous.

    None of my failures have been battery related. If the battery swells I don't think I'll be able to sell it because most dealers ask if the battery is in good condition (dealers never ask about bluescreens, only that there are no dents, the screen not cracked or have bright pixel, etc, and of course mine are always perfect cosmetically).

    My wife's stealth even crashed while we were running factory restore to sell it, which created a headache as I had to make a windows install disk and do it all over from scratch.

    They are garbage laptops. So how did I wind up with 3? We bought the first 2 around the same time in 2016 and when the first one died I replaced it with a new one thinking mine was just a fluke. Then the 2nd one died. Now the 3rd one is starting to have issues.
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