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Another battery bulge issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by xandreu, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’ll be better sell it before it’s getting worse, having laptop, car etc is like having a pet, once you hate it they will really make a trouble;)
  2. harule

    harule New Member

    happened to me as well after warranty expired, blade mid 2016 (gtx 970m, 6gb)
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  3. defmetal

    defmetal New Member

    Had I a defective GPU, or a motherboard shorting out, I'd have just said ok pay the repair cost. A battery expanding, and many people having the same, should really force a recall. The motherboard was damaged by the battery bulging, something that is beyond my ability to control through normal usage.

    When it's a widespread issue, they should do a recall (firmware update, warranty extension, free battery replacement and damage associated).

    Razer didn't make the batteries right? They had a vendor provide them. If Razer buys defective batteries, unknowingly, they should be able to recover damages. If they buy good batteries, and they ruin them by undervolting, causing them to defect in typical normal usage scenarios (and not 1/1,000,000 chance, like 1/20 chance), they should have to repair the damage their settings cause. Companies large and small have insurance to cover their costs when large-scale incidents happen.

    Overall point is that they should stand by their products, and if their is a widespread issue they shouldn't ask absurd prices for repairs.
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  4. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member


    This has happened to us twice, multi-million dollar orders and we receive batteries that are unusable after several good orders. We are an EV builder in the USA buying Chinese batteries. The registered company disappears and the owners spring up a new one overnight.

    There are three vendors I trust: CALB, Panasonic, LGChem. Having been burned by all the others, in some cases literally..:rolleyes: and the others (small time distributors) that aren't selling garbage are buying from one of those 3. I guess there are some small names like Sanyo, Sony, Samsung... don't have experience with them.
  5. defmetal

    defmetal New Member

    Well, that's what insurance is for. Notwithstanding, it shouldn't be the paying customers who have to foot the bill for it. At least, when it's a large-scale issue (where it's not a statistically insignificant #).

    Legally and ethically might disagree on that, but if they want to have future customers it's important to act in good faith. A class action law suit, or some bad twitter stories, or some youtube videos of batteries exploding can go a long way.

    I have bought a lot of razer equipment, got two keyboards, a headset, two mice, a mousepad, a laptop. While I may not be a veteran I drank the Kool-Aid. How the company handles incidents determines how likely people are to remain. Bad design happens, bad equipment deals happen. I can ignore faults, but I can't ignore poor response. So, basically, I just wanted to come here to share that "hey it happened to me too, so increase your head count by 1" and also say that "they tried to charge me $2k, and escalating to the CEO got it resolved".

    It is my hope that no one else has a battery issue, but if you do have one I'd hope you report it. Razer needs to know if this is common for many reasons - So they can stop using the vendor, so they can stop doing whatever is causing it (undervolting?), and so they can consider large-scale remedies.
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  6. hey guy's i am an owner of asus zephyrus and if you go to the republic of gamer forum you will see there is also issue with the zephyrus battery swelling , i have to send mind away on rma after 6 mount of use the battery lost 40 % of the charging capacity and the battery start swelling also so i guess there is no laptop out there that vcan be trusted for the price we paid for these machine i am really frustrated i would not recommend the zephyrus to anyone , i did own lot of razer product such as mice and keyboard and they all had to be send under warranty so i dont know witch laptop maker we should go for the clevos chasis maybe ...
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  7. rmfan4ever

    rmfan4ever New Member

    ...and I am also part of this 'elite' club now. Yesterday I noticed that my touchpad looked and felt odd and my buttons looked like they were going to pop off the chassis. Exactly 14 months after purchase. Well done Razer.
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  8. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Apple activated a battery replacement program for swollen batteries on the 13" non-touchbar MacBook Pro, manufactured in October of 2016 to October of 2017.
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  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    So the culprit isn’t mentioned specifically according this website, maybe they also used same battery vendor/specification with Razer on that period.
    Btw I sent my Blade 14 2017 for “pit stop” to their repair center here, since it’s already a year old, it was very difficult finding issues that could get me a RMA number;), but finally after a week try I found it:) With a nice CS support I sent it this Monday, I thought it would take 2 weeks to “clean” it;), it was back on my door yesterday, it’s even faster than my Amazon order, 3 or 4 days work! And it’s completely like a new, free dust on Fans area, no setting are changed and they replace something with PSU idk, i forget but actually I didn’t ask them to change it, but it seems need to be replaced, no shipping cost no diagnosis fee etc, all free! Nice “pit stop” works Razer:) Hope this will hold for next 5 years;) Keep this good work and service also for other regions!
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  10. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    That`s how it should be, having bought an expensive and exclusive device!
    But sadly, thems to be an excemption.
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  11. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Waiting for Razer to announce their own battery replacement program.....yeah right.
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  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I wish I could be their CS support since I'm also in this branch, i would go/send poeple to every costumers home who has battery bulging issue, apologize, change the products and give a cookie present;) like I did in Japan.
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  13. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    That would be fine. Same I could say for me, cause I am a software developer with strong focus on quality management. And that's also a problem within the Razor company (and many more companies).
    But mostly simple marketing guys define the way, without a predictive view. And Razer is a company, pretending high quality and performance products, without having the inhouse competence for that.
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  14. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    I tried a second time to buy a replacement battery on E-bay from another seller and it is a success. This time it came faster, better packed and it works like the original one - 100% charging, no other issues so far, but I'm expecting to have the same bulge after an year.

    So it looks several vendors are offering the same batteries, but probably some of them are taking better care in storing and shipping them - the previous one I bough was identical but only charging up to 70%.
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  15. Scobey

    Scobey New Member

    I have it as well. I've been escalated to upper level support for the possibility of shipping out a battery, since I am not going to pay someone else for the time to install, plus lose the laptop for what they say is 10 days, but based on how support works for razer it will easily be a month.

    Razer, Premium brand price, freeware support, barely usable hardware beyond the warranty. I know people have good luck and love them, but I wonder how many people trade in at warranty end. Worst customer support I've ever dealt with for computers and I am 20 years in the business.
  16. unwilling

    unwilling New Member

    No way man, they told me it's against policy to allow diy repair.
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  17. Scobey

    Scobey New Member

    IF this is the case, they need to get out of the laptop and computer business and nobody with a brain in their body should ever buy this trash garbage product ever. Batteries are the one item in all computers that just go bad, and if they refuse to allow DIY, they need to close the system completely, and you throw them away after 18 months.

    Apple does this crap too, but you can take it to a billion stores and get it fixed on the spot. Nobody should have to lose a computer for weeks at a time. IT's like the old Jaguars. You need one to drive, one for the garage, and one for the shop.
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  18. unwilling

    unwilling New Member

    I completely 100% agree. It's a rip-off to not allow diy repairs. I would be ecstatic if they would just send me a battery but nope, they want you to RMA it.
  19. unwilling

    unwilling New Member

    I have some questions for everyone following this post.

    Do you own a Razer core?

    Do you leave your laptop plugged into the Razer core?

    Do you also have issues with the USB ports on the Razer core?

  20. Scobey

    Scobey New Member

    I have a core that has been sitting in a drawer for months. When I did use it, the USB ports did not work, and it froze the system constantly (along with Synapse). I RMA'd the core which is why I know how long the process takes, and they told me nothing was wrong. I stopped using it, because honestly, I was able to play games better (far less graphics) on the Intel 620 as the system at least stayed running, and didn't run at absurd temperatures.

    When I do leave my laptop on my desk with a power cord attached I run that through a switched Power Strip and always power the strip down via switch when done using the system.
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