Another Tartarus broken microswitches in the D-pad thread

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Roffedarotch, Nov 27, 2020.

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  1. Roffedarotch

    Roffedarotch New Member

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  2. Roffedarotch

    Roffedarotch New Member

    Does anyone know of any after market quality microswitches i can solder in. I do know how to do electronic repairs and would rather actually fix the problem than send it back on RMA and receive another timebomb from Razer.

    I've owned older nostromos and orbweavers which i never had this problem with...
  3. MicHaeL_MonStaR

    MicHaeL_MonStaR New Member

    How hard are you pressing them?... I don't have this problem after a year. Not saying that it can't vary, just saying.

    And what is in the Nostromos definitely isn't the same kind of switch anyway, so that's not a good comparison.
  4. AxolotRazer

    AxolotRazer New Member

    In Aliexpress they sold some OMRON brand but they are discontinued, I just repaired my Tartarys V2 because my Tartarus Pro presented the same problem, the 2 models are exactly equally badly manufactured.
    I suspect that Razer deliberately manufactures them badly to sell more and more, I can't find another logical explanation.
  5. Roffedarotch

    Roffedarotch New Member

    Not pressing them hard at all. but i play about 5-10 hours a day. I've owned tartarus, and nostromos both v1, v2 (and pro where it has been avail) all of them always end up with at least one direction on the D-pad that starts flaking or stops working completly.

    I've now ordered a bag of microswitches from China so i atleast can start service my pro v2. it's just a shame I have to do this to a $100 piece after half a year
  6. Roffedarotch

    Roffedarotch New Member

    The Nostromo i can agree isn't the same exact switches since it lasted multiple years before failing the same way as the tartatus ones. also i've owned chroma ones in addition to the ones mentioned above. I'm now on my 6th razer command pad in total. All of them has had problems with the d-pads
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