Any Neverwinter Players here?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Eaker, May 6, 2017.

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  1. Eaker

    Eaker New Member

    I play on the PC version, let me know and i'll share my name and we can kill stuff.
  2. MrGoodname

    MrGoodname Member

    I have played it. I don't play it anymore. I don't really like those kinds of gamemodes :/
  3. WraithGore

    WraithGore New Member

    I've been playing NW for 3+ years since open beta. Still playing to this day. Just I take reprieves for a month or two to other games, every so often so I don't get annoyed or burned out from the grind that can occur. Look me up @Wraithgore - in game. PC Version.

    Plus I think more NW players "may" start to use this as I passed some of the info to one Guildie and he liked the free Mask and some other offerings from Cortex.
  4. flyingkitty1

    flyingkitty1 New Member

    I've played Neverwinter PC since Beta. Still going strong! ;)
    I'm @flyingkitty1
  5. Onyx5

    Onyx5 New Member

    yeah it's a great game if you can get passed the grinds for the same rewards over and over that does nothing but fill your bags with junk.....
  6. onursight

    onursight New Member

    I remember when i played this game i went to level 40 in one day! I liked that game so much!
  7. zeracso

    zeracso New Member

    Been playing NW since the release of Sharindar and still playing alot. I've tried to quit the game but the action in it and the ppl are hard to replace.

    oh yeah my in game name is Shorty@osnived
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  8. Xenocid3

    Xenocid3 New Member

    Joined in january, grinding out those somi weapons is crazy long
  9. 2526922

    2526922 New Member

    Me too play neverwinter on pc and still going strong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
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  10. hash026

    hash026 New Member

    I've played Neverwinter for a while and have 3 level 70's
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  11. Xenocid3

    Xenocid3 New Member

    I'm still grinding the somi weapons can you belive it? lol, got my first one to legendary tho so that's nice
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