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Any other "Old" gamers out there?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by BobbyMike, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. lisat

    lisat Member

    Old gaming gal here lol started out with my atari and sega master system. cant believe pong was so entertaining :D
  2. Shazzyrm

    Shazzyrm New Member

    44 years old woman gamer and I play pc mmorpgs such as Lotro, WoW. Diablo III on ps4 and PC and a whole lot of other games on PS4 :) Once a gamer, always a gamer.

    Used to play Counter-strike back in the old days and was an admin for Netgames-UK CS servers before they closed down. Good old days!
  3. Honyo

    Honyo New Member

    I'm with this guy. Started with an Atari and old MS-DOS and Commodore64 games, graduated to Nintendo, played with Playstation, and followed the lines on up.
  4. Th3WatchR

    Th3WatchR New Member

    39 and still going strong ;)
  5. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    I think one of the benefits of being today's "old-school-gamer" is to have been able to watch the evoluton of game consoles. Most of us will have played on the old Atari 2600 (or even older were the games required you to put a plastic sheet over your TV screen) and can recall how things got progressively better. You can almost draw a line between generations of consoles, especially around the time when their names began getting suffixed by factors of 8.

    Then there was that huge turning point when consoles and home computers started producing better graphics than "stand-up" video arcade games. Suddenly, our living room couches became more fun than travelling to the local mall with a pocket full of quarters. Oh sure, video arcade games tried to follow suit. But they started becoming less about gameplay and skill, and more about paying for time to play. I miss the days when I spent a good 20-30 minutes on a machine with just one quarter.
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  6. jeffhvac

    jeffhvac Member

    Pong was an addicting game.
  7. Lazybug

    Lazybug New Member

    Another "young" person here to appreciate older gamers.. On League of Legends I frequently play with people half my age (im 32 btw) so im glad to see 40s 50s and 60s gamers here.. rock on!
  8. jeffhvac

    jeffhvac Member

    Welcome to old gamers. Game on.
  9. TylerMayes

    TylerMayes Member

    And soon we'll be donning OSVR and trucking into the future.

  10. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    I'll be disappointed if a Pong port (not a remake, a port) isn't the first game made available for OSVR :D
  11. pseira

    pseira New Member

    34 here and being playing since 8 y.o. !
  12. Tideee

    Tideee New Member

    27 y.o. and still havent finished that scumbag Sonic the Hedgehog.
  13. Kheoss

    Kheoss New Member

    32 here, and don't plan to stop till I'm in the grave.
  14. yourmapper

    yourmapper Member

    As a 41 year old, I guess I'm an older gamer. Two kids. But I still love it and have started introducing my kids to characters and games, starting now with the Atari 2600. I plan to walk them through the console generations, so next is NES, then Super NES, then Gamecube, then Xbox 360.

    Just read about some older stars that are successful and still game, like Jimmy Falon and Elon Musk. Lots of others too like Vin Diesel, Jack Black, Mila Kunis, Rosario Dawson, late Robin Williams, Jessica Alba and of course Min-Liang Tan!
  15. MattEKelly

    MattEKelly New Member

    My favorites on the 2600 were Megamania, Yars Revenge, and the original Pitfall.
    While my brother has that console now I still remember the WEEKS of time spent on those games and the several joysticks we had to replace. It's important to note that I think the industrial engineering of the controllers is a key component to the gaming experience that we "older" gamers can enjoy, since there is much more control afforded with modern consoles than we had with a one-button joystick. Good design and ergonomics make for more comfortable gameplay and it makes it possible to play for a longer period of time, but I will admit I don't take full advantage of ideal grasp position on an OEM XBOX controller.
    Still, I have not tried the a modern interpretation of Yars Revenge: http://store.steampowered.com/app/99120/ :)
  16. Kingfox

    Kingfox New Member

    Turning 37 this week, started gaming on a 2600 but really got hooked on a ColecoVision. Back in the day, I'd argue with friends about gaming on the Apple ][ vs our ColecoVisions, then our NESes against our early IBM compatible PCs. Great to think that I've been debating computer vs console gaming for decades.
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  17. xervantes

    xervantes New Member

    turning 44 this year. Been gaming sinds the Atari games. However my first own machine was the sega master system. Currently playing Destiny on PS4, Shadows of Mordor on PC and Alien Isolation (also PC).
  18. cptskippy

    cptskippy New Member

    What age did we determine constitutes old?
  19. LummoxOcara

    LummoxOcara New Member

    I'm a geezerly 30 years old. Does that count?
  20. I am 51 and still gaming.
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