Any suggestions for my PC build?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by raven1035, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. raven1035

    raven1035 New Member

    I have a family member who is giving me a great deal on some parts (at least I think so). I will have to buy an SSD and I have gone with what I think is best.
    PC parts & budget
    MoBo – ASUS P6X5D Premium FREE
    GPU – NVIDIA GTX680 $80
    CPU – Intel i7 $20
    Case – Corsair full tower (don't know specs) $60
    SSD – Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb $235
    CPU Fan – unknown
    So far total budget $395
    This is my first build, and I just wanted suggestions as to how I could perfect it. I would have preferred a newer motherboard to be compatible with DDR4, but it's free so I'm not phased. I am planning on getting some more/better DDR3, but am unsure as to what to get exactly.
    This build is to be used for high performance gaming, and in future may be upgraded for video and photo editing.
  2. 45526285698735100

    45526285698735100 New Member

    The SSD sounds like a bad deal to me. You can get them on amazon for $180
  3. raven1035

    raven1035 New Member

    Forgot to mention this is AUD and at a store. I need it quickly and I'm not really looking into buying it online
  4. 45526285698735100

    45526285698735100 New Member

    That explains it.

    I would upgrade to 16 gigs in the future, especially if you want to do some editing. Corsair has some good RAM.
  5. theFenrir

    theFenrir New Member

    i'd get 16 gb right off the bat, you don't want your pc to struggle when multitasking/editing (i sure don't at least) any hyperx or corsair ddr3 memory should be fine.
    You can settle with less memory, maybe 120gb or 250 gb on the ssd (you'll mainly need it for your OS and some go to applications you'll be using alot) and buy a separate 1tb hdd for storage and such(seagate barracuda or western digital blue) these are really cheap, around 50 euro on amazon here in europe.
  6. Brkha23

    Brkha23 New Member

    Buy nVidia 1060 6gb OC edition if you can afford, it is really best buy graphic card on market, oyu can play all games on ultra settings (sure if you have good cup and ram)
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