Any updates for Kraken V3 Pro?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Exile.Hellscythe, May 7, 2022.

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  1. Exile.Hellscythe

    Exile.Hellscythe New Member

    Good day, Bought this then 2 days later got RMA due to charging issues(Not charging entirely) and the same stuff is happening again on this replacement Kraken V3 Pro.
    1. Charging is endless as per Guide 3hrs charging is gonna make it 0% to 100%, likewise on the First Kraken I've left it charging for like 5hrs and later that evening is not charging at all (the cause of the RMA)
    2. On Synapse even though the cord has been pulled from charging it is still showing as "Charging".
    3. When you Turn off the Headset and Turn it on Back again, the Synapse Application doesn't detect the Headset, Unlike the Viper Ultimate where upon turning back on immediately detects it.

    I'm starting to think it was a big mistake buying this thing and it was my first ever wireless Peripheral and I've chosen Razer.
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  2. Dino89

    Dino89 New Member

    Hi i had exact same issues, along with volume imbalance at some specific position of volume wheel (50-75% - abowe and bellow this spot it is fine). RMA'd it twice as replacement did not help at that time, it was shortly after launch as i bought it as Christmas present and i ended up returning it with full refund. After some time with synapse updates it looks like some other issues appeared, like crashing etc. Recognition was temporarily solved for me by full reinstall based on razer guide and their removal tool. Also another issue i was facing was losing audio when using THX and audio source stopped or paused for a second, after resuming no more audio was coming out. (workaround is to set up thx as u wish and then disable it within synapse, it will work and synapse will not mess with it).

    Since that time i regularly open tickets every two months or so to get the updates from razer dev team how is it with fixing those issues.
    Nothing until few days back where i was informed by dev team that new FW update fixing the battery and charging issues is in finishing process and should be available mid May. Which is great, also they told me that they are working also on audio balancing issue with another FW update which will be available later on. So we will see how it goes, once this will come then im going to buy v3 pro again.
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