Any way to record video at 60fps on Razer Phone?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by GarfyTheCat, Oct 25, 2018.

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  1. GarfyTheCat

    GarfyTheCat New Member

    So I know the phone natively does 1080p and 4k at 30fps in the Razer Camera but it amazes me there's no 60fps option, even for 1080p.

    I have the Google Camera app installed and I can shoot 240fps slow-mo in 1080p, so the hardware is absolutely capable of 60fps. Is there any way around this? I've tried Open Camera and although it lets me set 1080p60 it only shoots in 30fps.
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  2. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    Does the google camera app not record in 1080p 60 fps? It likely records video and takes better photos still better than the stock camera app
  3. GarfyTheCat

    GarfyTheCat New Member

    Not that I can work out, no. It won't select 60fps and I've tried a bunch of other GCam apks that won't open on my device.
  4. ageratos12

    ageratos12 New Member

    Try open camera
  5. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

    Yeah, I have the same question. Razer said the Razer Phone 2 has 60fps video, both in 4k and 1080p, but I see no option for any frame rate. I would think by this point on the 2nd iteration, they would've simple allowed this to be an option under camera settings.

    Also, do you have any issue with audio while recording video? @GarfyTheCat
    I hear wind noise, it sounds like I'm in a tunnel, but my voice is like focused on and solid.
  6. directzoneMint529

    directzoneMint529 New Member

    Hi there could you please tell me which gcam version you using to record slomo? All versions I did try crashes in slomo
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