Any way to turn my Black Widow V3 Pro into a real keyboard?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by xXKieranXx, Aug 2, 2021.

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  1. xXKieranXx

    xXKieranXx New Member

    I am a lawyer and type all the time. By all the time, I mean more than 12 hours a day. My keyboard is vitally important to me. And I want to love my Black Widow V3 Pro. The switches are damn near perfect. However, it is a freaking light show, and I can't turn it off. I had it set but had to run synapse every time I started my computer. In a logical world, I could save that setting to the device, but it seems I can't. With the last update, nothing I do stops the cycle of colors.

    Is there a way to set a single static color and save that setting to the device? Or is Razer beholden to a buinch of kids mesmerized by blinking lights?
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  2. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    For the Black Widow V3 Mini (when Synapse 3 is NOT installed or keyboard is in wireless or blutooth mode) it's done with the following key combos:
    • Fn+Ctrl+1 --> turn light off
    • Fn+Ctrl+2 --> static green light
    • Fn+Ctrl+(another number) --> PARTY!!! ;o)
    • Fn+G --> dim light (can get down to "zero light")
    • Fn+H --> raise light

    I bet The V3 Pro has the same functions, although key combos might differ...
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