Anyone got the Razer Core working with the Dell XPS 13 (9350)?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by bluecatoutside, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. I've seen reports that the Razer Core works with XPS 15 but not with the XPS 13. I have the 9350 model (128gig,skylake processor,hd screen) version. I was wondering if it works before going out and buying it.

    Also if it does work, could you detail the steps you took to make it work?

    Also what sorta games have you tried?

    Do any of these games hang or freeze? Or have you encountered any freezing/hanging issues with it

    thanks in advance :smile_::smile_::smile_:
  2. chardur

    chardur New Member

    I would also like to know if any one has got the razer core consistently working on the xps 13 9350.
    Dave lee d2d on YouTube said it worked intermittently- Dell has released a new bios since his review which may work better.
  3. I've had little success. I got it to work for 2-3 hrs but when I unplugged and shut down my device i couldn't get it to work again.

    If anyone out there can help i would appreciate it. I have an NVIDIA Geforce EVGA GTX 970 SSC im using with it. Here is what i have done so far

    1) Updated Dell XPS 13 Bios to 1.4.4 (i think it helps with thunderbolt 3 stability)
    2) updated Intel on board graphics drivers and any others that it suggests on their web site
    3) update Intel Thundoerbolt 3 Controller Driver and then the Thunderbolt 3 firmware update
    4) after that i downloaded and installed Razer Synapse with the Razer Core plugged into the Thunderbolt 3 port to update the Razer Core Firmware/Drivers
    5) installed the Razer Blade BETA GPU Switcher Tool (visually i didn't notice it switch the GPU)
    6) Unplugged the Razer Core and restarted comp
    7) Plugged it back in and then while it recognized the GPU i installed the NVIDIA Desktop graphics drivers.
    8) I installed Nvidia Geforce Experience

    After following these steps i got it to work once and only once. I used Adobe photoshop and premier pro, streamed Fallout 4 from Steam from my other computer and downloaded Portal Knights and played it pretty well.

    When i turned off the comp and booted it up the next day it didn't recognize it, it locked up my inputs like the mouse, touch screen and key board, BSOD, and the screen also went black.

    Since then i have completely reformatted the computer (prolly not a good idea) and now i cant even get windows 10 to recognize the Razer Core even after following the above steps again, it shows up in the device manager as Microsoft Display Adapter. I honestly believe that because i installed the Geforce Experience software that it caused all the problems.

    I probably wouldnt get the Razer Core if you have a Dell XPS 13. I cant find anyone who has had success.
  4. thanks for the reply. I def think it works and you can get it to work again. I've seen that Derrick and Doug had issues with their XPS 15 and the core, but both seem to have gotten it to work now. Check out their review here.

    Also Dave Lee , got both Dell XPS 13 + Dell XPS 15 to connect to core. Check out 6:27 of his youtube video

    This dude on youtube also got his Dell XPS 15 connected. Check out his video here.

    Have you tried disabling the internal Intel HD graphics card or changing unplugging the core when you boot then plugging it in again. Must be something silly.

    Btw, when you were up and running for 2-3 hours, did you have any hiccups? Like freezes, blue/black screens, reboots - Or was it pretty solid. Also what FPS were you getting, was it sluggish at all? Were you running an external monitor or just internal one?

    Thanks for the answers :smile_:
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  5. I'm going to keep trying just because that's how i am. I spent like 5 hrs trying to get it to work again last night. Ill have to check out those videos. the review is what i referenced primarily when trying to troubleshoot it.

    I've tried disabling the Intel HD graphic and even uninstalling it but for what ever reason it reinstall its self and then overrides the core. So after my post yesterday i found that the Thnderbolt drivers might be the culprit. Dell updated them like a week ago and for what ever reason when you plug the core in it tells you that this device isn't compatible with an external GPU. i ended up uninstalling it an installing the older version. i found that the new version would recognize the core and the Nvidia GPU driver but would give that incompatible notification and i found older version wouldn't recognize the core at all. Ill definitely try to unplug and take the GPU out and reinstall it. im willing to try anything at this point.

    When i got it to work i didn't think to check FPS or performance. i will next time for sure. it was pretty smooth and it didn't hiccup or slow down performance. i so wish i didn't install Nvidia Geforce Experience because that caused all the problems.

    Thanks for hearing me out.
  6. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    You probably just need to unplug the AC power to the core


    Seems silly, but that was always the problem before. There is a problem with the core and at least the XPS 15 where if you turn it off and leave the core plugged in, it won't turn back on. You'll have to power cycle it for a few seconds.

    Also, update your intel HD graphics (as well as install the TB3 drivers) try either the Intel drivers from Dell's website or use the ones on razer's website for the stealth.

  7. chardur

    chardur New Member

    DrHaas- On step 5, I though this was only needed if you have a dedicated gpu within the laptop (like the blade), rather than the intel integrated gpu (like in the stealth, XPS 13).

  8. unplugging the AC adapter and power cycling was a good idea but to no avail.

    You cant put the device to sleep or even restart it without it having problems. its given me BSOD a couple of times

    I did update the intel HD graphics form dell's site but im thinking maybe i should try using Razer's for the Razer blade or even directly from Intel's site like you said. ill keep you guys updated with what i find.
  9. chardur

    chardur New Member

    I would think it would be better to use the drivers from the razer stealth, rather than the razer blade.

    Here is a link with some great info:
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  10. AlphatheBeta_xf_rzr

    AlphatheBeta_xf_rzr New Member

    Also have had very little luck getting mine to work with a Razer core, maybe contact Dell to see about the issue with BIOS.
  11. chardur

    chardur New Member

    I opened a ticket with Dell a few days ago to try and get more information on the possible reason for the incompatibility but they have yet to respond.

    A key takeaway from the plugable link above is to reduce the wifi power to 75%. For some reason this makes the thunderbolt connection much more stable.
  12. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Doubt they will have anything official to say on the matter, they've stated it isn't officially supported before to other users.
  13. Seems strange the XPS 15 works (sorta) and the XPS 13 can't work at the moment. Do you think Dell might release something similar to the Razer Core, or maybe just keep going down the line with their Alienware amps? I may have to just buy a gaming pc in the end and save myself some trouble!!!
  14. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Ideally Dell could enable better support with a bios update and/or some driver support, don't know if they will though.
  15. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    If it doesn't work on the XPS 13, that means Dell has intentionally changed things recently, in a way they didn't for the XPS 15, to make it not work with the core.
  16. wesdalelio

    wesdalelio Member

    Do different machines use different percentages of the GPU potential?
  17. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    The only thing that seems to matter is the CPU.

    FYI, I've seen people with the Acer eGPU using it plug n play with the XPS 13. That means that it should work fine with the razer core.
  18. trendbitTan064

    trendbitTan064 New Member

    So have we had any progress from anyone in trying to get the XPS 13 working with the core?

    I'm sitting with the i5 xps13, and wonder if I would have better luck if upgraded to the i7 (6500) version instead, which seems similar to the Razer Blade Stealth.

    Last I see is that some efforts were going to be made to have consistent voltage management on the TB3 (USBC) on the dell to stop the on off switching and reboot disconnection issues. But no follow up?

    Come on folks don't give up!!!


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  19. So Good news guys I honestly have no idea but i have gotten the XPS 13 to work pretty consistently with the razer core. i haven't had time to run benchmarks or even try it with my nvidia geforece gtx 970 scc. i got it to run with my old gtx 750 Ti. here is roughly what i did to get it to work.

    1) update xps 13 bios to 1.4.4
    1.5) update the thunderbolt 3 administration privileges to no security and allow help support for TB3
    2) update thunderbolt 3 firmware in the BIOS
    3) DL: a)razer synapse b)thunderbolt software to the april version (recent versions soft lock the comp).
    4)Install thunderbolt 3 software
    5) install razer synapse.
    6) connect the razer core to the TB3 port
    7) allow razer core to be recognized auto each time its plugged in via TB3 software.
    8)Allow razer synapse to configure and update razer core firmware.
    9)in the device manager turn the power output of dell wifi card from 100% to 75% (very important as it will also soft lock comp outputs ae mouse keyboard etc.)
    10) update the video card driver that is now being recognized in the device manager.
    11) run Nvidia experience once video card drivers are updated so the gpu tray can appear.

    in the end i got the nvidia experience tool tray to consistently show when the gpu was being used and when it wasnt. i got Fallout 4 to actually run when if you try it with the only onboard graphics it would freeze and crash.
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