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Anyone managed to fix BlackShark V2 Sidetone volume?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by xFinalLight, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Valyar

    Valyar New Member

    I have the same problem - the Sidetone does not work.
    If "Listen to this device" is used in Windows things are OK, but it is very inconvenient workaround and not the solution. I wonder if it is Synapse 3 or just faulty headset.
  2. Vox_Razer

    Vox_Razer New Member

    I'm having the same problem as well. Sidetone "works" but it's very low volume. I have to have the headset volume up and turn everything else way down in order to hear myself.
  3. Mutant_Tractor

    Mutant_Tractor New Member

  4. Benito218

    Benito218 New Member

    after trying the listen to device trick, I eventually had to turn it off. I do a lot of online meetings and it just threw me off the entire time with the bad delay. Hopefully the sidetone can get fixed in synapse so its a bit louder.
  5. Mutant_Tractor

    Mutant_Tractor New Member

    I should mention, this was my second set, after RMA for the same issue - so I’m gonna try send them back for a refund and I’ll continue using my Astro A50s.

    Support got me to uninstall Synapse which did have an effect, but not a big enough one to make me want to keep them.
  6. Flash158

    Flash158 New Member

    There is no fix working to this day, I have spoken to several support team members with no luck - they cannot understand the problem or dont want to help with it at all. I have tried 4 different pairs of them and the issue is same at all of them which is a shame.

    As I have written somewehere, I think they should do a firmware fix to this in the synapse. The headsets are working just fine only the sidetone is lacking.

    So yes if you need a headset with sidetone buy something else, like the steelseries arctics 9....

    Shame on razer for not caring
  7. Flash158

    Flash158 New Member

    I have not experienced this :slightly_sad: My headset works fine, only the sidetone is really low

    Also the "support" team does absolutely nothing to help. I have tried every possible step to solve the issue with no luck. They say that the 4 pairs I have got are not working properly and are faulty (can u believe that ? )
  8. Vox_Razer

    Vox_Razer New Member

    The support team is helping me via PM, but it's slow going. Looks like mine is a hardware issue, but it sounds like everyone is having the hardware issue?
  9. Valyar

    Valyar New Member

    If the microphone is working in your voice apps (Discord/Skype/SfB/MS Teams in my case) or recording software (Audacity & OBS) and "Mic Preview" is fine and the loopback from Windows works (even though it is horrible idea), how the hell this can be HARDWARE problem with the headset? In my opinion, this is some firmware & software problem that they have to solve, as obviously the headset runs fine except in the sidetone situation.

    Or at least I hope it is SW/FW problem, as this does not require sending back the headset and ordeal to do that with the supplier.
  10. Vox_Razer

    Vox_Razer New Member

    Probably bypassing software because of the lag it can introduce... ie when you choose to listen to the mic in Windows' control panel, you get a delay. That seems to me to be the only reasonable explanation. My wife has the same headset and her sidetone is much better than mine is.
  11. Yamover12

    Yamover12 New Member

    I've been using my Blackshark V2 Pro's for almost 2 months now, same issue. It's frustrating because the low side tone volume is literally my only complaint. Everything else about this headset is fantastic. I hope Razer can actually address the issue.
  12. ugenezsn

    ugenezsn New Member

    i figure it out. put the volume maxed and then when you are in game go to settings and put the game volume down. unfortunately you cannot increase the sidetone volume on its own. you have to put the main volume up and it will increase the sidetone. then manually decrease the volume of the game in settings. then you will have a loud sidetone and not too loud game.
  13. ugenezsn

    ugenezsn New Member

    the only way i found around this issue is you put the volume on your headset on max. unfortunately both are sinked and you cant really adjust only one. After the knob is on max go into the games settings and put the volume down so its not too loud anymore. Your sidetone should still be a lot louder
  14. daveb73

    daveb73 New Member

    Think I may have found a Windows solution for this. Admittedly its for my Blackshark X, but I assume it will work for the Pro as well.

    Right-click on the taskbar volume icon and click Sounds

    Select the Recording tab

    Select the relevant microphone and click on Properties

    Select the Levels tab and adjust the Microphone Boost slider

    This will increase the sidetone volume significantly, you can then adjust (back-off) the separate Microphone slider (this is directly above Microphone Boost) - this will adjust the gain for whoever is listening to you, however, it won't change the sidetone volume for you personally, meaning you can still hear yourself way better.

    I adjusted the Microphone Boost +10db and this seemed to work just fine, though it does go up to +30db which is silly loud.

    Worked for me, hope it works for others :wink_:
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