Anyone Play WOW

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Burnout1212, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Ashenrune

    Ashenrune New Member

  2. MR1243072N00497

    MR1243072N00497 New Member

    I play wow on Eu Realm - Madmortem :) Hunter and Mage :)
  3. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    Yup since the 2nd month of vanilla. i think my guild is on Anvilmar US.
  4. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Yep, WoW player here. I play on Sylvanas-EU. I'm quite the altoholic, main is a warlock (which I'm starting to enjoy less and less), then there's my druid, paladin, priest, mage .... :)
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  5. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I play too many games to have alts just my main Priest.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    Why am i unable to post pics with the URL?
  7. Evilball

    Evilball New Member

    Play Horde on US-Skullcrusher - Ret Pally (also guild's 3rd tank)
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  8. hedg3s

    hedg3s New Member

    Playing horde on Mal'Ganis (US) - need some mdps for our weekend raiding team :)
  9. Lowlife76

    Lowlife76 New Member

    I dont play WOW
  10. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    Yep he asks for people playing wow .. i think it's not necessary to comment that your not playing ;)

    I was playing since a looong time :D but now since 2 years only when i get 10days bonus.
    German Server Alextrasza.. Alliance
    Hunter, Deathknight 90
    priest 75
    and 2 twinks about 30
  11. pommefrais3

    pommefrais3 Member

  12. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

    Also play WoW on Draenor-EU Horde. If anyone plays there, we're recruiting :). My character name is Leid.
  13. Andrea2603

    Andrea2603 New Member

    Yep, my main is a Blood DK since day one of WotLK, playing on Stormreaver-EU atm
  14. Creeford

    Creeford Member


    US-Eitrigg: Holy / Ret / Prot Pally.

    I have a lot of alts all over though.
  15. Mortygen

    Mortygen New Member

    Sure. EU-Stormscale DK/Druid/Rog

    For the Horde!
  16. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Started to play again in December but on a fresh account , alliance side on Magheridon or w/e is called...on main acc i used to be alliance on Kazzak but man that side was dead back then.
    I remember scumbag horde transferring to our realm just to get easy achi. :slightly_sad:
  17. Trocar

    Trocar New Member

    Haven't in a long time. Considering checking out the new expansion but haven't decided if it is worth the time sink yet.
  18. mouse18

    mouse18 Member

  19. themisfitjoe

    themisfitjoe New Member

    WoW free since 2010. It was fun... but just too time consuming and the ever present power creep
  20. Milli_1981

    Milli_1981 New Member

    EU-Aszune - many toons but currently big fat Owl pew-pewing or healing when I have the time
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