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Anyone use a gaming keypad (Orbweaver, Tartarus, G13)? Had some questions

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by byteHanPurplex959, Nov 23, 2018.

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  1. byteHanPurplex959

    byteHanPurplex959 New Member

    I have been considering buying one of these keypads (Razer Orbweaver or Tartarus or Logitech G13) specifically for Dota 2. I'm a total archon level noob, and I have noticed that one of my biggest downfalls atm is teamfighting. I often get flustered and lost in chaotic teamfights, often moving the camera in poor ways.

    Thus, I was intrigued by the joystick/thumstick on these gaming keypads to use for camera movement (primarily) but also enticed by the ergonomic designs, which seem much more comfortable than my keyboard for long periods. So I had a few questions for anyone who uses any.

    1. I read that the razer keypads' thumbstick is basically a 4 or 8 direction d-pad while the logitech one is a full analog joystick (giving it a full 360 range circle movement). That makes it seem like the logitech one would have much smoother movements and might be better for other games too like rpgs or fps. Anyone have any experience with this? I currently use edge pan for the camera, although when I was an even bigger noob years ago I did use wasd for camera, so it isn't like I'm not use to blocky camera movement, but I figured it was worth looking into the difference and if the smoother movement is worth getting.

    2. Is it difficult to retrain away from edge pan? In particular, I read the Razer thumbstick movement is very counter-intuitive in that pushing it right is actually up (since the thumb is going upward when the thumbstick is pushed right). That could work for fps or rpg games but it seems very annoying for a moba. Can it be reprogrammed?

    3. Also saw that the logitech is full membrane while razor orbweaver is full mechanical (and tartarus is a hybrid). Anyone able to comment on how big a difference it feels?

    4. Lastly, comfort. The logitech one looks a bit clunkier, anyone know how it feels compared to the Razer ones which look much more ergonomic and the wrist supports much better designed?
    (P.S. As an aside, anyone know if the Logitech G13 was discontinued? It was support to be 50USD but I only see it around 200USD or used now. Also, I read somewhere there are 2 versions of the Orbweaver, stealth and regular but on Razer's website I only see the Orbweaver Chroma, anyone know anything about the stealth one?)

    Thanks for any info!!
  2. xxXiexie

    xxXiexie New Member

    I can only offer you a biased opinion.

    I have both the Stealth and Chroma Orbweavers (2 of the Chromas to be exact) I LOVE them and can't imagine playing WoW without one. I like the click of the mech switches on the Orbweavers, but I use a mech keyboard as well. I don't use the thumbstick except to keep my toon going forward when I'm doing other stuff. I only use my keyboard (Blackwidow Chroma) for chat and stuff really when I'm gaming. I play WoW with just my Orbweaver in one hand and my Razer Naga Epic Chroma (the mmo mouse w/ the 12 side buttons) in the other. I guess you have to buy the Trinity now to get that configuration.

    I have keymapped almost everything I use routinely and don't have to use mod keys (alt/cntl/shift) at all to throw my spells or use regular abilities b/c I have enough keys. I am not a keyboard turner and move my toon w/ the mouse, so I reserve the mouse thumb buttons for abilities that are instant or that I can't use while moving.

    If you want multiple setup for different games and move your keybinds around, the Orbweaver even let's you switch btwn keymaps on the fly although I've never found the need. Frankly, I don't know how ppl play without one. To make life easier, I even configure my action bars to match my keymaps so I always know what I'm throwing even when I change toons/specs.

    If you look at your keyboard, there may be a learning curve. If you are a touch-typist, you'll get it in no time...just stick with it.

    As far as edge pan vs camera grip and using the thumbstick for that...unless you are really accurate with your left thumb, I'd say stick w/ your mouse to control that. I find the thumbstick very awkward as there is not enough travel in it for me. BUT I have smallish hands so for my fingers to rest on 06-10 naturally, the thumbstick is a weird reach. However, you CAN reprogram the thumbstick directions just like any other button, so if down is more like left to you then have at it. Razer stuff has a Configurator software that keeps all your Razer periphs in one place and you can program to your hearts desire and even create your own macros in there. Orbweavers are highly customizable that way. I find edge pan kinda crazy with the wide swings required and have tried it in Heroes of the Storm and messing around in the new Warcraft III Reforged but I'm a camera grip kinda gal.

    Yes the Razer Stealth Orbweaver was discontinued.

    My only complaints about the Orbweavers are that I have worn the 07 and 08 numbers off the keys after a considerable amount of use on all 3 of my Orbweavers and replacement keys are not available. Also, over time, as you'll see posted on the forums, the glue that holds the rubber palm pad piece will break down over time and it will slowly slip out of place. There is no replacement part for that either. HOWEVER, Razer is great about replacing the whole unit as long as you report it while it's still in warranty. I have never had one break!...not saying they don't, but I only have 3 because the Chroma was only keyboards when I bought my first one. So I bought the 2nd when they put the pretty lights on them, and the 3rd when I thought my bf would convert and he didn't...silly rabbit. So when my Chroma got the glue slips, I swapped it out for the one I bought him.

    I've never used the Logitech so can't speak to that, but I do love the Orbweavers heft and the clicky contact of mech switches . It doesn't slide all over the desk even during hectic fights and I don't have any special pads or feet or anything like that. I have no need for another scroll wheel, so I prefer the Orbweaver over the new Tartarus.

    I've been using Orbweavers since 2014 and will have a meltdown if they ever drop them from the lineup, worn off numbers and gluey mess and all. For me, they make for a more intuitive playstyle. I don't have to worry about mod keys, although you certainly still can use them, or switching keymaps. I'm a huge fan of this product and just wish they received some of the polish and quality improvements that they keyboards get.

    If it's helpful to explain, here's a sad old screenshot of my UI. The 24 buttons on the left in the middle are my 20 Orbweaver buttons, plus a column of buttons I manually click and the 12 on the right are my mouse thumb buttons. I always know what cooldowns are up WoWScrnShot_031617_175413.jpg
  3. byteHanPurplex959

    byteHanPurplex959 New Member

    Thanks for that indepth reply! I believe I am going to go with the orbweaver chroma, as it is on sale atm and I read the thumbstick is much better than the tartarus. I also read that MOBAs like Dota don't even support analog camera movement so the analog stick probably doesn't matter.

    My only remaining question is, you wrote the stealth and chroma versions, however is there a Razer Orbweaver Chroma Stealth version (both together)? I didn't think so at first but then I saw a few youtube videos of unboxings and saw people with them. Does this product exist and is it still available or has it been discontinued? I know the one on their website uses the Razer Switch keys (rather than Blue or Brown/Orange Cherry MX keys like in the older Orbweaver and Orbweaver Stealth). These seems to be similar to the blues as they require a force of 50 rather than 45 like the browns in the old Stealth. I'm wondering if they have a new Chrome Stealth version but I haven't seen any place to actually buy it, whether from Razer or any third parties.

    Thanks for the info!
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