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Apart from gaming, what else do you enjoy?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by GroovyG0D, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. GroovyG0D

    GroovyG0D New Member

    The question is simple. What else do you enjoy when you aren't playing a game?

    Personally, I love photography. I would link my flickr here but then I'd be advertising it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So I will not.

    And if you are a photographer, what do you like to take photos of?

    If you enjoy something else, why do you like it?
  2. IamBastiii

    IamBastiii New Member

    Hockey, Football (Soccer), Movies, Shows, Concerts and i enjoy life ;)
  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Sports are just fun. Even if you aren't good at them or have never really tried I think everyone should. You're exercising unintentionally and it just makes you feel good. The competitive aspects as well as things like runners high. Even something as simple as playing racquetball at the gym, or some basketball in someone's driveway can improve your mood alot. Every once in a while I take a step back from all the technology in my man cave and just go find a nice chair near a sunspot and read.
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  4. GroovyG0D

    GroovyG0D New Member

    Sports is really fun. Shame my knee is stuffed... I still haven't experienced this "runners high" after all these years.
  5. White_Rice

    White_Rice New Member

    If I'm not gaming, and not at work, I'm probably reading (mostly sci-fi/fantasy) trying to teach myself guitar (had the thing for years now, really need to get to it) or doing some metal working (when I have access to the supplies)

    There's something about working with your hands & making something unique that's just great.

    If I had a proper camera, I'd get back into photography, but as of now it's either my phone or an older digital camera (nice for simple shots, but nowhere near the fun if using a fully manual 35mm...setting speeds, choosing apertures, processing & developing yourself...man I miss that stuff)

    Oh, and I played soccer for a while with some work friends, those were good times (save for the occasional overly competitive guy who decides your face is where he'll kick the ball for half a game [note: they still lost :-D])
  6. Red_Crow

    Red_Crow New Member

    food and sleep? :D
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  7. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Working with my hands relaxes me as well. I have not had the chance to get into metal working, but I have done a lot of carpentry. One of my biggest hobbies before work got in the way was community theatre and I would also help out on Habitat for Humanity builds every now and then. Building stuff is so simple and you get such a feeling of accomplishment.

    You have to work out very intensely in order to achieve runners high. It is not easy to do. But even if you don't achieve it, it is scientifically proven that athleticism in general improves your mood and is generally just good for you physically and emotionally.
    Last edited: May 25, 2016
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  8. Badnewsblair

    Badnewsblair Member

    I recently built my family's dining room table. It's an 8 person (10 if you push it) farm table. I'd like to try my hand at some more furniture builds.

    I also got back into playing guitar.
  9. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Jogging, cycling, hiking. I do a lot of outdoor activities. Hence which is why im planning to get that Nabu :)
  10. richigobankai

    richigobankai New Member

    I build gundam models :)

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  11. lewisgoodall

    lewisgoodall New Member

    I watch a lot of football (soccer). I support Liverpool who haven't been playing that great lately but now we're 5 games unbeaten in all competitions which is pretty good. Hoping for a new goalkeeper to be signed in the January transfer window!
  12. GhostlyKC

    GhostlyKC New Member

    The only other thing I have time for is school. :slightly_sad:
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  13. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    I used to be like that as well. But hey, it'll get better, dont worry about it :)
  14. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    I enjoy a good movie, or making a good movie which is part of my job. I also enjoy cooking, building things from electronics or fixing broken electronics and computers. I also enjoy fishing and I used to enjoy Rollerblading and Basketball and Hockey but I had to give those up for my knees.
  15. Phen0m

    Phen0m New Member

    I love to do graphic design, airbrushing and mini wargaming!
  16. Archpimp

    Archpimp New Member

    I enjoy being in shape (running, lifting) which helps me do my other hobbies. I also enjoy climbing (rock, ice, and mountaineering), boating, camping with my family, and obstacle course race as well.
  17. I like to play music. I am an avid marching percussion athlete and I enjoy just jamming on drumset along with music.
  18. Ilikeeggs

    Ilikeeggs New Member

    My go-to activity is most definitely reading. I have a library within 5 minutes of my house, and I am always stopping in to get something new. I usually listen to softer music while reading books, and the hours always go by in a flash. I also like the occasional movie at the theater if a good one is on.
  19. xByakko

    xByakko Member

    Build computers! YEAH! -goes back and hide in the geek corner-
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  20. vidgamefreak

    vidgamefreak New Member

    besides gaming im a movie buff and I am self taught at building and repairing computers .. I enjoy building gaming computer the most, they are time consuming but with the right case, lighting, and parts you can make some awesome looking builds
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2016
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