[App Release] Kraken's Awareness

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by TheFranubian, Nov 22, 2015.

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  1. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Some nice work there!
  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    I am really amazed by all of these creations and am always on the lookout to see what our community can come up with next - keep up the awesome work!
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  3. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    Pretty cool!
    But I have one question. No not what are those, but why would you need this? I am all for new innovations but I cant seem my headset while I am using it lol so is there any practical use for it? But it would make a good sound demo.

    Maybe you could work on the Naga next :blush:
  4. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Thanks! I mainly did it to cover a bit the gap the Kraken has when compared to other devices. And, while it is true that the user can't see it, it is nice to have some universal apps that work with any input and videogame, like CalcProgrammer1's "Keyboard Visualizer" and this Ambient effect app.

    Would love to take this effect into other devices that currently have no ambient effect, like the DeathAdder and Naga... but I only own the Krakens (since I am unable to get used to having my right hand on the mouse instead of the left one, I find myself using a xbox or wildcat controller instead when playing, even on PC...).

    I may try with an responsive effect for single-LED devices like these in the future, though. Or maybe just a simple software that makes the devices sync into a particular static color when a certain videogame or .exe is started? Dunno. Something applicable to all devices at once. If somebody wants to try these ideas, go ahead, I am the biggest n00b when it comes to programming!

    So here, anybody that may want to look to this specific code can do so here: CLICKY.

    The code WolfSpiritM helped with is in ChromaSDKImpl.cpp if you want to look into that part specifically.

    On the contrary, thanks you and others at Razer for proving tools such as the SDK to allow us to do these things!

    Even if this first Chroma app of mine is surely primitive, everybody feel free to re-post it or modify to suit your needs or use the code in bigger apps. :)

  5. Hey. what you ve done is amazing!
    Now, i m kind of embarassed to say this but it has been two days since i m trying to figure out how to use the SDK... i m using the Ambient effect on my keyboard right now but only by running the SDK sample app. maybe i m just dumb but isn't there a way to activate it continuasly and even on multiple peripherals at the same time? if yes please tell me i beg you i m lost on all those programms and codes...
  6. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member


    My app is a modified SDK sample app. You will have to have both apps open (mine and the one for your keyboard).
    In the one I have provided, go to Headsets and then there you will find the Ambient Effect for the Kraken.

    I am afraid you will have to have both instances of the SDK sample app running at the same time to have both devices working like that.

    Let me know if I explained myself correctly!
  7. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    Hi i really want to try this app, but I have Mac OSX, is there any way you can make a version for this software ? :slightly_sad: Thanks and keep it coming.
  8. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Thanks a lot for your interest :D
    Sadly, I have never worked on a Mac or Apple device, wouldn't know where to begin, sadly. If anybody wants to port it in some way, feel free tho.
  9. @gtrc11
    Sadly there is no SDK for OS X. I'm waiting for this since the SDK was released. So porting to mac is not possible at the time...
  10. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    Always discriminating OSX haha, different history on IOS.
  11. Actually i'm glad that its working "fully" functional at all. My Macro-Keys on my blackwidow aren't working which is frustrating
  12. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    Yeah?, you should try installing windows then.
  13. I do have a bootcamp installation. And actually since i bought the keyboard i'm using windows more often on my mac then os x :D
  14. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    Ohh, Great!!
  15. iamthefong

    iamthefong Active Member

    Holy crap man, that's amazing. My only regret would not be being able to watch them myself while wearing them haha
  16. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    haha, you should try putting a mirror in the room, It looks really cool in the night. With the red light on the microphone, even better.
  17. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Glad to hear you are having fun with it! ^y^

    Sent it to Razer through the Chroma Workshop portal before 2015 ended, seeing if it can be featured in the portal's frontpage alongside the other apps for other Kraken users to see.

    Let's hope they release it soon then!
  18. gtrc11

    gtrc11 Member

    Pretty unlikely that they will be making an SDK for mac now.
  19. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Doesn't seem to work anymore, at least in my end. Can anybody confirm?
  20. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Fixed the link.
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