Asking about Razer DeathAdder V2 MINI, is there ?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Yahia144, Jun 1, 2020.

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  1. Yahia144

    Yahia144 New Member

    Hello Razer community, i'm asking about the Razer DeathAdder V2 MINI mouse , is there a Mini version for the DeathAdder V2 MINI, i found it on AliExpress then i decided to buy it, here is the link:
    it looks like it's original, the specs:
    Brand: Brand: Razer
    Model: DeathAdder V2 Mini
    Item: Gaming Mouse
    Switch: Razer Optical Switches rated for 70M clicks
    On-Board Memory: 1 On-board Memory Profiles
    Sensor: PAW3359 Optical Sensor
    DPI: 8500DPI
    Tracking Speed: 300IPS
    Acceleration: 35g
    Buttons: 6 programmable buttons
    Item Size: 114.2 * 56 * 38.5mm /4.5 * 2.2 * 1.5in
    Item Weight: 62g / 2.2oz

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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Currently available only in China, but hope it will be released soon for the rest of the world.
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  3. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    It's a Chinese exclusive as of now. Companies do this all the time for some reason.
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  4. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    They're betatesters :D
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  5. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    Let's hope that they do release it for the world. Glorious just announced the Model D minus, so it'll be nice if Razer released their own offering.
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