August 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. good luck to everyone!!
  2. Namzn0903

    Namzn0903 New Member

    really just dream stuff D:
  3. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    well as everyone is posting, i guess it is now my turn,

    -Ogio renegade RSS(15 inches version)

    what i carry around:
    -Step one first aid(book)
    -Kaplan test prep books(2 at a time)
    -Asus T100TA
    -Razer blade stealth inside of
    -Razer blade stealth's neoprene sleeve(doubles as a mouse mat XD)
    -Razer kraken 7.1 chromas
    -Microsoft sculpt comfort mouse(used to have the orochi chroma but gave it as a gift)
    -Sharpie highlighters
    -Mechanical pencil and eraser and razer blade stealth paper notebook
    -Passport, lighter and cigs
    -Umbrella(with this weather you never know when it's gonna rain)
    -Iphone 6S and its charger
    -Klipch X4i
  4. domeaeroFeldspar960

    domeaeroFeldspar960 New Member

    Oooo...I really like that bag!
  5. a book, a mouse, pen and sunglasses.
  6. ThumbsForThisGuy

    ThumbsForThisGuy New Member

    Looks great! Would like to have one for my studies!
  7. eng_diogosilva

    eng_diogosilva New Member

    Ethernet cable, USB charger, pen and paper
  8. Steven.De

    Steven.De New Member

    These Razer products just look so amazing especially the Razer Leviathan Mini!
  9. cubazito

    cubazito New Member

    I'd like to have that bag, because they do not own and have one would be too cool! I would shoot out from happiness!
  10. OfficialTLTYS

    OfficialTLTYS New Member

    Hope I win good luck to all and I only have a blackwidow chroma and a sphex mouse pad everything else isn't razer so rip??
  11. Skidr0w

    Skidr0w New Member

    Nice thing to do very attractive :)
  12. Have the package looks really great. I want this one :D
  13. tsandu

    tsandu New Member

    Have i entered the comp?
  14. MaidrobX

    MaidrobX New Member

    i wish i win,
    Please This time my luck please comeon
  15. LightningStorm

    LightningStorm New Member

    IMO bigger logo on this looks better than the small logo on backpacks, greener = better
  16. danny07s

    danny07s New Member

    Razer Messenger bag was just like my everyday bag..maybe not carrying gaming equip but well carrying my wallet, passport, phones, banking peripherals and never forget favorite headphone Razer Hammerhead Pro..Quality was it :heart:
  17. Good morning? San Diego, and I go to bed now good night. to San Diego(Razer Company) from Seoul

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  18. Epcot

    Epcot New Member

    I really hope I get one! I have worked as a janitor for 10 years now and between rent and just everyday provisions I don't have a lot of money so it would be awesome to finally get a bag for the little bit of razor products I own
  19. ruselis321

    ruselis321 New Member

    good bag, would like to have one
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