August 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. Everything is great as always)
  2. GalacticFilth

    GalacticFilth New Member

    A must have :)
  3. PhenomFawaz

    PhenomFawaz New Member

    I've never won anything... but here's hoping I do this time...
  4. IN1323060400340

    IN1323060400340 New Member

    Tactical Pro Backpack is awesome !
  5. battle for dirnk and food so i dont have to leave my game or laptop

    i really hope i win #tfggforthewin
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  6. MindaroOPALrush247

    MindaroOPALrush247 New Member

    that bag !!! give it to me baby xD
  7. Kakashi_94

    Kakashi_94 New Member

    Thanks Razer for such thing :)

  8. Koltharius

    Koltharius New Member

    perfect to go to college!
  9. TheKMeister

    TheKMeister New Member

    I will literallly screaam if I win
  10. hectorr_111

    hectorr_111 New Member

    I love this backpack for its great design and because it has many pockets to carry all peripherals to LAN Parties.

    The Razer Gunnar Ceberus Sunglasses are very cool.
  11. DarkSam_no_id

    DarkSam_no_id New Member

    i need a pack like that
  12. it's a good day
  13. JaymzHetfield

    JaymzHetfield New Member

    I like the backpack, shirt, cap, mouse, sunglasses and the water bottle

    I like the bag, shirt and shades a lot YEAH
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  14. ashworth

    ashworth New Member

    Sketchbook and pencils.
  15. Case_45

    Case_45 New Member

    Razer makes some decent products.
  16. Nice pack lol hahahahhahdhhdhs
  17. Captain_Fluff

    Captain_Fluff New Member

    ice coffee is a must and music!
  18. Almondfirstbay980

    Almondfirstbay980 New Member

    Woow unbelievable bag pack and it was felt a few hot games inside it :cool_:
  19. Wow, awesome bag & stuff!!!
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