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Discussion in 'Razer SoftMiner' started by TataroS_, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. TataroS_

    TataroS_ New Member

    when I enable auto mode and don´t move my mouse for 2 seconds, it won´t stop on it´s own when i move the mouse again.
    Is there a possibility that I can watch a video without Softminer starting?
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  2. PhoenixGI

    PhoenixGI New Member

    Yes, I have experienced something like this, but for me, it was more like 2 minutes. Softminer kicked in when I was using some VR apps (ok, yes, it was Beat Saber). Regardless, I was halfway into a song when it slows down and comes to a grinding halt, and sure enough, Softminer had started. I've disabled auto, and manually trigger it now. Would like to see Auto mode expand what is using to detect activity.
  3. Krusher_2016

    Krusher_2016 New Member

    Softminer no matter what fro me doesnt work at all. The auto feature doesnt work and i dont earn any silver from it.
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