Barracuda X: Mic not working during a call in android thru Bluetooth & Dongle

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by mhudz04, Jun 15, 2022.

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  1. mhudz04

    mhudz04 New Member

    Good morning,
    I just bought Barracuda X Headphone v.2022 yesterday. I have observed that I am not heard by the caller or who I am calling thru my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S22) using the Barracuda X (Bluetooth & Dongle). Is this normal or just a defect? This is so disappointing. The reason I chose this headphone is that it has Bluetooth (for my phone usage) and Dongle (wireless connection) & analog 3.5mm (wired connection) for PC gaming. Please help. Thank you.
  2. Razer.Zionzedd

    Razer.Zionzedd Yes, My lord? Staff Member

    Does the issue persist across different devices or it's isolated whenever you use the headset on mobile? Did you enable hands-free mode? If you're still experiencing the same issue, PM me the serial number so I can check its specifications and look for other workarounds to help you with the mic problem of your headset.

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