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BASE STATION V2 CHROMA | Connect and Control

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Saj19ad

    Saj19ad New Member

    Welcome, I'm probleming my account because the Authenticator code is not accepted for secondary certification.

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  2. CMangi

    CMangi New Member

    Nope, nothing on the device. Only controllable via PC software. (Razer Synapse 3).
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  3. Kangsterog

    Kangsterog New Member

    Thank you for the quick responses
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  4. Myalzalean

    Myalzalean New Member

    I'm sure you received your code by now, but I was having the same issue. After a couple hours with no activation key email I logged onto Razer support and chatted with a representative.

    The official response is that I "need to wait 24 hours to receive a code".

    I'm not sure why it would take 24 hours to send a software activation key, but the only response they would give is that it is because the software is only released with a limited number of products or some such.

    Anyway, since there may be others who are wondering how long they might have to wait on an activation key so I thought I'd share my interaction with Razer support.
  5. carpolyJellyBean271

    carpolyJellyBean271 New Member

    Just got my V2 and its great! However since I am a laptop user and moving my laptop quite a lot, im looking for a way to keep the lights on, without being connected to the PC. Now i actually found a pretty neat workaround, which is connecting my mobile phone to the V2 via an usb to usb C adapter. The lights work, however its only the basic effect and the chroma mobile app does not detect the V2 as a device. Anyone knows a way how to control the lights via the mobile phone? Razer employees, if You are reading this: Please enable support for the V2 via mobile. Im no mobile app programmer, but a thing like this, should be easily added via an update of the app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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