Basilisk Ultimate Box Contents (Specifically China version if that matters)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Chandisxix, Oct 22, 2021.

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    Hey guys first time poster here, sorry if it's a dumb question.

    Recently I've purchased the Basilisk Ultimate from an online shop originating from China. I've received the package and noticed that it doesn't include the traditional Razer "Thank you note", the manual, logo stickers, and the micro USB cover (USB A has tho). I've seen online that the box should have those included. I asked the seller about this and they claim that the China version of the Basilisk Ultimate don't include those?? I wanna know if you guys can confirm their claim or it's utterly complete bs.

    Also just to add, registering the serial number works in Razer's website and is detectable in Synapse, but I noticed part of the mouse's bottom sticker is cut off and the feet already have scratches on them which leads me to believe they sold me a second-hand unit. They even went on to said that they intentionally cut the sticker cause "It proves that it's from us and part of our warranty" lmao.

    I'll include pictures below with what's missing, what I have, and the damaged mouse sticker. I just wanna know if you guys can confirm the note, manual, and stickers are really not included, specifically the "Chinese version" as the seller claims.

    Thanks in advance!! :) received_560594091914469.jpeg Screenshot_20211022-234810_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20211022-234804_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20211022-234759_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20211022-234754_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20211022-234745_Gallery.jpg
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