Battery Bulge/Swelling - The New Razer Blade - QHD+ (256GB) (2017)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Madbroseph, Aug 17, 2020.

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  1. Madbroseph

    Madbroseph New Member

    The battery on my late 2017 Razer Blade is bulging and I'm afraid if it's a safety issue. It appeared basically overnight a few days ago and I need to get it repaired. I'm aware I'm out of warranty but I'd appreciate some guidance from Razer. Unfortunately the customer service phone service is not accepting calls so I'm turning here for help.

    I've seen quotes for a send-in-repair-send-back procedure in another posts, and the price was something like $99 for diagnostics and repair + battery cost. I'd need a battery replacement and new (hopefully official) Razer AC adapter for the laptop. I can order a battery and replace it myself but I want to do things via Razer if possible.

    This is the only computer I have access to for work at the moment so I can't be without for that long. But if sending it into Razer is the best solution I am willing to wait to get it fixed properly.

    Beyond these repairs, do I need to remove the swelling battery and only run on direct power for safety's sake in the meantime?

    IMG_3772.jpg IMG_3769.jpg
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  2. Madbroseph

    Madbroseph New Member

    Hello? Bump?

    It's not possible to call Razer's phone support. No matter what time of day I've called throughout the last week it says the usual "due to high call volume we can't take any calls so please post on the razer insider forums for help."

    I'll replace the battery myself, I would just appreciate even the slightest care or insight from Razer considering I dropped way to much money on a shoddy piece of hardware.

    Again, this is my work from home computer that I have to use all day and I'm worried if using it with this bloated battery is a safety issue as well.

    Razer, please help me out here since you're not leaving me many other choices to get into contact with you.
  3. Bump. I'm in the same situation. I've removed the battery and am working from direct power for now. for me the issue got gradually worse, I'd recommend pulling it before the swelling damages your motherboard.

    2020-05-19 19.51.25.jpg 20200823_161713.jpg 20200823_163626.jpg 20200824_132457.jpg
  4. MicrowaveEngineer

    MicrowaveEngineer New Member

    Hi! I am facing similar issues, can you please tell me from where I can get a replacement battery? Currently I am in Pakistan and there is no way to send my laptop fr or battery replacement. My charger is also not working seems like razer laptops don't last for a long time, such a disappointment
  5. Russetcountyever380

    Russetcountyever380 New Member

    I need A replacement to I used For DJ & October Got A Party Please Where I can Get It????
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