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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Az4zel, Jun 12, 2020.

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  1. Az4zel

    Az4zel New Member

    I recently purchased a DeathAdder V2 and it turns out that the only software that supports it is Synapse 3 (Beta). I used Synapse 2 in the past with a DeathAdder Elite without problems, unfortunately it seems that Synapse 2 doesn't support the new DeathAdder.

    I use this mouse on a laptop (Microsoft Surface Book 2), and I just need to change DPI and the lightning effects to a standard fixed color. Despite the new death adder having on board memory it does not save the lightning profile so I have to keep Synapse running in background. Notice that with the death adder elite and synapse 2 I didn't have to, the configuration was saved in the device and I could use the device on other PCs without having to install synapse.

    The issue is that Synapse 3 is constantly sending out data to Amazon AWS servers (I guess for telemetry and analytics?) and the CPU usage is constantly in the 1~2% range draining the battery of my laptop. Note that this seems to happen even when I do not have my mouse plugged in and even after exiting Synapse 3 (e.g. I'm on battery without the mouse) there are at least 4 razer processes in background running that consume CPU and send out data.

    Unfortunately the battery drain is too noticeable (I go from 8~9 hours to a little more than 3) and the only way to fix this is to uninstall Synapse 3.

    But I still want the color of my mouse to be a fixed color and I cannot keep uninstalling/installing synapse.

    Additionally, not to be harsh but what on earth is Synapse sending so much data for and so frequently?

    Any suggestion?

  2. Az4zel

    Az4zel New Member

    Didn't get any answer, anybody has some suggestion? Would it be possible to save the lightning into the mouse profile?
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