Been over 1.5 weeks. Still no replacement.

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by tohra84, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. tohra84

    tohra84 New Member

    So, my razer phone suddenly died on me without any warning after I do a soft reset when it was looping on the startup/shutdown screen.

    Contacted the support on a Tuesday, and they were so efficient to send me an email for me provide details to do a replacement which was said to be done in 2-3 days.

    However, only after 5 days (Sunnday) was I told in email reply that my details wasn't completed (which obviously was my bad).

    I've been checking and contacting the support on the update on my issue, but was always been told it's already on priority and what not.

    I've been using a spare phone and it's really inconvenient. Now it's the weekend again, and they will probably tell me they don't do replacement on weekends? So, it is gonnna be 2 weeks before they will contact me to set a date to do a replacement?

    May I know what well are you guys prirotizing on your support??

    What if I do not even have any spare phones? Am I supposed to go without a mobile for over 2 weeks???
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  2. My phone is SWELLING and they want me to sent it through the mail!

    Transcript of live chat (Initial Subject: MY PHONE IS GOING TO CATCH FIRE, IT IS SWELLING AND NOT WORKING):
    Mobile Support

    Welcome to Razer Support, my name is Kenneth Paul S. Please hold for a few moments while I review your inquiry. For quality assurance purposes, you may be selected to receive a survey regarding your service experience.

    5:34:57 PM
    Hi there, before we proceed please verify if the following information is correct
    Also, please take note of the case number for your future references.
    Case number: XXXXXXX

    5:35:15 PM
    Hi there.

    5:35:25 PM
    I need a new phone. I think. I did the full factory reset after 2 hours of reboots trying to get into the phone to do it.

    5:36:09 PM
    My phone is swelling on the front right side even more now. My screen is popping out and it broke my screen protector.

    5:36:28 PM
    And it crashes ALL THE TIME now, usually while trying to boot.

    5:36:52 PM
    Mobile Support
    Okay thank you for that, since you have mentioned that the phone is starting to swell, is it possible for you to send a screen shot of the phone here on chat?

    5:37:28 PM
    It also does weird batter level reporting when trying to boot. It will reboot for a while then say it has low battery, then it immediately says 75%w when I plug it in.

    5:37:39 PM
    hang on need to get wife's phone again...

    5:37:54 PM
    Mobile Support
    Thank you.

    5:38:56 PM
    OK, sent it to my gvoice. How do I attach it here?

    5:40:54 PM
    Mobile Support
    Sure. Here it goes.

    5:41:15 PMYour file has been successfully uploaded to the agent.
    As you can see the glass is coming out on that side, and getting worse.

    5:42:37 PM
    Mobile Support
    Let me go ahead and check on that.

    5:42:58 PM

    5:43:05 PM
    Mobile Support
    I already saw the picture and it show a battery bloat we can have the case checked for a possible phone replacement.

    5:45:02 PM
    May I know where did you purchase the phone?

    5:45:22 PM
    Sounds great, what do I do next? I bought it off the waiting list last year from Razer

    5:45:35 PM
    the sn is in the transcript for the case

    5:45:43 PM
    Mobile Support
    Here's what's going to happen, I will send you an email where you can fill out the information needed for the phone replacement and after you reply you will receive a follow up email that includes all the instruction needed on how and where to send out the phone.

    5:46:41 PM
    What do I use to make/receive calls during this process, and do I need information that needs the phone to be booted, since it is VERY crashy.

    5:47:28 PM
    Mobile Support
    For replacement process please be advised that you need to send out the phone first and you will receive updates via email.

    5:47:52 PM
    You know it is probably a violation of Federal law to send spontaneously exploding stuff through the mail, correct?

    5:48:20 PM
    Will Razer take the federal mail charges so I don't have to go to Marion Illinois penitentiary?

    5:48:48 PM
    Mobile Support
    Don't worry we'll go ahead and take care of that for you and just to make sure that your packaging is well secured.

    5:50:27 PM
    So, I have no phone during this period? How long might that be? You sure they don't send one out and I send mine back?

    5:51:04 PM
    Mobile Support
    After the centers receive the defective phone they will then send out the new one to you and process would take 3-5 business days from the day the defective phone has been received.

    5:54:08 PM
    So, no phone for over a week. I have a sick wife. This is going to be loud on the Internet. Send the email.

    5:55:06 PM
    If is swells more, I will be taking it to the fire department.

    5:55:32 PM
    So you might a a phone with no battery in it.

    5:55:42 PM
    I see on your forums (Razer Insider) that folks have the phone gone for 1.5 weeks with no notice about what it happening...

    Mobile Support

    There's a couple of reasons for those delays some are due to late notice of change address some are due to customers not sending in the defective unit first which caused the delays etc. On this case if we can work on this real time, we can work this on on normal time frame.

    6:00:40 PM
    What would normal time frame be? The phone is a ticking time-bomb!

    Mobile Support

    Going back replacement process would take 3-5 business days upon the receipt of the defective unit and the email will be given within the day.

    6:02:32 PM
    I will prepare the account after the chat.

    6:02:50 PM
    So I let you go and then hope I get the email?

    Mobile Support

    Also about the phone when you send it out just make sure its turned off and you already performed the factory reset to erase the data.

    6:03:47 PM
    Please do trust us on this matter that we will send you the email.

    6:04:13 PM
    Already done, took forever to get it to boot and let me do it yesterday, but it was done.

    Great, just get me the email, please!
    6:04:35 PM

    obile Support

    Is there anything else I can help you with on this?

    6:05:30 PM
    This transcript will be in the Police report, if necessary.

    6:05:35 PM
    Mobile Support
    Sure thing.

    Mobile Support

    Thank you Mathew.

    6:09:16 PM
    Are you still there?

    6:13:21 PM

    6:13:28 PM
    Mobile Support
    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    6:13:49 PM
    If the email is coming, I suppose not.

    So I am waiting for the email...
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  3. Got the email. None of the fields they wanted were populated, even though the TS person had all of them right at his fingertips.... I sent them my waitlist order confirmation (the one they sent me...) as proof of purchase since dude said that would be OK.

    The EMEI: I can't figure out how to get that with a phone that will not start... Is it on the outside of the phone somewhere?

    Now I wait for "around a day" for them to tell me I have permission to send it back in. Then I am not sure how long we are looking at or whether they send packaging or what. With the weekend, I will not have a phone for over a week myself.

    Seems like you need a burner phone to have a broken Razer phone.
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  4. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    @IVORYLightCyanever667 I think you went a little aggressive with the messages, he was just trying to help not get hassled with those type of messages, I understand your phone battery is about to explode but you got to realize they are a business and they cannot do things ASAP all the time they are human to, now as for your phone if it isn't replaced yet then message them again.
  5. I understand, and I have worked with them for more than this one round. Between absolutely no telephone support for phones and what are clearly limited people since the chat icon is greyed out more often than now when I go there, I have been slightly frustrated, I suppose, but kicking me up to another escalation level if it is above their pay-grade is always an option.

    Razer must step up to the plate on the support of a new kind of item, one which businesses, including the one they bought to make this product, support reasonably well even with no repair offices in most metro areas. They do an advance-replacement RMA with security to make sure people are not just getting 2 items. Most folks probably do not have burner phones, and I never thought I should need one (not selling meth.)
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  6. tohra84

    tohra84 New Member

    Well, apparently it took them 1 week to approve/accept that my phone is defective.
    In which, I'm being told that the 2-3 business day replacement is after upon approval.
    So, it's gonna be almost 3 weeks now still no calls.
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  7. I got another request to fill out their unfilled fields and responded with the info from before. I think they assigned yet another case #. I hope they follow up soon. It seems I cannot even get the return kit or instructions on how I pay for the relevant packing for their satisfaction until I provide these product details they already have.
  8. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    @IVORYLightCyanever667 the IMEI number is printed on the box of your Razer Phone, and can also be found on the bottom of your SIM tray as a backup. Hope that helps.
  9. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    Actually just today I wanted to get a new charging cable and the support person said "Oh yeah just send back your ripped one" Are you serious? I am not sending back a cable just to get a new one thats ridiculous even apple wouldn't go that low, you cannot refurbish a cable you cannot recycle a cable. Nice job of wasting my time, oh and also they wanted my IMEI code, excuse me all this for a cable? yeah no thanks.
  10. tohra84

    tohra84 New Member

    @JamesonTai I'm very curious. I've been told for the past 2 weeks that the support has been helping me to inform the SG replacement team everyday on my issue. Everyday I'm being told their hands are full. But seriously, from 2-3 days, and now it's 3 weeks. So what am I supposed to expect next? One year warranty, but in reality if anyone has issue with their phones and if it's gonna take so long for a simple replacement, we are left with even much lesser time frame for the validity of our warranty. No?
  11. Sent RMA today after I got label. Now the wait.
  12. Got the phone today, 9am 06/19/2018. (Missed FedEx and had to pick it up.) Hot from HK. There was a bit of worrying confusion along the way where one part of Razer, Inc. proffered me an invoice for full price, then $100 discount, then didn't charge me? There were a couple more confusing and somewhat frustrating chats.

    The final "Shipped" invoice email says :

    "Order Date: 17 June 2018
    Method of payment: StoreCredit"

    (See below for update on the above.)

    I still have not been told what was really wrong with the phone and none of the people I have been able to communicate with seem to have access to that part of the company, which I find sadly typical. No good paths for upstream communication in most companies. Except this one, with any luck.

    So 12-13 days turnaround after my first post.

    OK: Next Email (Also Today):
    Razer RZC-XXXXXXX - Reminder for Payment

    Hello <Me>,

    Thank you again for your recent inquiry to the Razer Support Team.

    We have not heard back from you regarding your estimate or payment.
    Please let us know how you would like to proceed.
    If you would like us to cancel the request, we will have a technician reach out to you in regards to the next steps.

    Thanks for your time and your support.

    The Razer Support Team

    I have no idea if this is attached to one of the other cases that get automatically generated on each chat.

    I have to admit I do not plan on talking to them, not least because this email came from a "no.reply@" email and they give no guidance on how to respond!

    So I guess they will not tell me what was wrong with the phone, and still want me to pay?

    I will let you know what they say to me next!

    So far, I haven't had to use my SquareTrade policy thanks to a good friend with a usable phone during, but I am glad I have it. Especially if they convince me that I actually owe them, which won't be without at least an explanation.

    Battery charged from 50% to 100% in 2.25 hours on their charger 5-7:15.

    System update and Google Apps Installed by 9:53.
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