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Best Anime MMOs!

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Antosa, Dec 15, 2014.

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  1. TravisAntonio

    TravisAntonio Member

    Blade and Soul, it was a pain to download but it's really good.
  2. Zrozex

    Zrozex New Member

    Anyone remember that Dragon Ball mmo? It never got its promised world wide release all these years later
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  3. TheYellowLorry

    TheYellowLorry New Member

    I used to play Goonzu Online (now called Luminary) a korean based MMORPG. Until the money inflation went to hell.

    10/10 would still inflate again
  4. TravisAntonio

    TravisAntonio Member

    Zrozex, I do remember it and even did play it.
  5. Se3NoEvil

    Se3NoEvil New Member

    Tera online is a blast! More fast paced and action based than your typical MMO and is graphically stunning.
  6. Use to play maplestory it's pretty good
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