Best Big-Name FPS Games on PC?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by crazy_Dionysus13, Apr 16, 2021.

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  1. crazy_Dionysus13

    crazy_Dionysus13 New Member

    Hey everyone, I just want the community's thoughts on the best big-name FPS games right now and which ones are the best.

    I've played Fortnite a bit and don't really like it because the building I find is distracting from the combat and the business model is gimmicky but otherwise the game itself is fine; Warzone is okay but campers and snipers get me every time; Valorant is pretty good but got repetitive for me after the 50th game or so. I haven't played Apex Legends but I've watched a couple streams and it reminds me a bit of Titanfall 2 which I also really enjoy (probably a good thing considering that they're both made by Respawn lol), but if I want that style of gameplay I'll just play TF2. Battlefront 2 is one of my favorites too even though I'm not a big fan of EA in general because of the whole microtransactions thing.

    However, I'm looking to branch out from just one or two games. What do you guys recommend? I'm looking for a really equitable game that is easy to get into and doesn't get boring or repetitive after just a few games. Free or low-cost would be preferable but if a really good game costs a little bit I don't mind that much. Thanks in advance!

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  2. TheRagingOrchid

    TheRagingOrchid New Member

    Recently, I've been trying out Paladins and Overwatch. Between the two, I'm learning I prefer OW because there's more to offer. I found Valorant to be kind of eh too, like not much to play with. OW has added more depth to their lineup. It isn't like Paladins' where there is three styles of competition. OW has added "arcade" which has its own like six different types you can bite into, some of it reminiscent of the original competition from when OW started. It also has its own standalone section for the OW league (if you're into that or have that in your future sights )
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  3. ThePandaOverLord

    ThePandaOverLord New Member

    Rainbow Six Siege is one of my favorite games and is a great competitive shooter. Apex Legends added a 3v3 game mode which I enjoy a lot right now.
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