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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DictatorShadow, May 14, 2017.

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    Simply the 2 best things from Razer that work very well together. Haven't tried all of these but they all sound very plausible.

    Tartarus/Orbweaver and the Naga: Simply put these two can make a devastating combination, both on the battlefield and at the workstation. Many big WoW players like Swifty swear by these just because of the potential they have. Someone even discovered a way to edit videos using only shortcut macros on their orbweaver and naga. With the unlimited keymaps, macros, and customizability, these 2 make for a killer combo.

    Mamba and the Firefly: Both by themselves are amazing peripherals, and while the deathadder is received as a better mouse it cannot combo well with a firefly. The mamba has its wireless mode which enables the full range of the firefly without worrying about snagging your mouse cord on the Firefly's middle bump.

    Blackwidow and the Deathadder: Perhaps the most used combination of any two razer peripherals. Both stated as top of their class for gaming and for their comfort. They're both top tier quality products that rarely need an introduction due to their well earned popularity.

    Turret and the Leviathan: Perhaps the best combo for a comfortable living room gaming experience. The turret works very well as a couch centered keyboard and mouse with just the right amount of stealth in its appearance. Noone likes their headphones disrupting their comfort, whether you recline back or sink into the cushions the leviathan solves this problem with epic sound delivered throughout the entire game.

    Gigantus/Goliathus and the Deathadder: The stereotypical "pro CSGO player" setup. What could be better for the most popular FPS than the most popular mouse? A big area to move around with and control your aiming. Match made in heaven (also combos well with a TE keyboard)

    Any other combinations that work well together?
    (I honestly wanted to see how over the top I could make this sound, because Razer's advertisements are always over the top like this)
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