Best place to buy a new blade?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RS4, Aug 1, 2015.

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  1. bloomyboy

    bloomyboy New Member

    Hi all,

    My Blade 2014 was stolen from me earlier this year in a home robbery :slightly_sad:

    I have now decided to buy a new one, and hoping to find out if anyone has seen any specials currently? I know the RRP is about $2400 for a 256GB.

    I've been searching ebay and this was a suggested link:
    Their pricing is really good, but the website looks really suspicious - especially when spending so much money :slightly_sad:
  2. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Umm yeah that is a complete scam.

    What's wrong with the authorized resellers? Razer Store, Windows Store, Microcenter, Fry's...

    If it is cheaper than what they are selling, it's a scam. Sorry.

    Edit: ROFLMAO... did you read the reviews on their own website? Obviously written by the same person. Some person wrote in poor English that he ordered 6 "iPhone 6" and they were delivered successfully... Right. I have a bridge to sell you in Mongolia if you believe that.
  3. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    That website looks like it was designed by some 15 year old kid LOL!!! I'm sorry about your loss, but never buy Razer systems from unauthorized re-sellers or you just might get scammed. Just to be safe I always buy directly from the official website.
  4. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    The razer blade generally isn't on sale unless its a older model
  5. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    If I were you I wouldn't even buy a Blade from eBay. eBay has too many fakes on the site. Buy it from an authorized retailer such as Amazon, NewEgg, Microsoft Store, or the RazerStore (which I'd recommend more than any of the other authorized retailers as they were the ones who created the Blade)
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  6. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Definitely buy it from the Razer Store
  7. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Get it from your local store where you can actually see it dude. Or if you want it delivered then authorized stores as mentioned above. Sorry to hear about the robbery and loss of the blade. Do be careful man and don't get scammed by online purchases.
  8. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Read through the reviews. PLEASE! It's worth a laugh.

    Here is my favorite, the scammer making up fake reviews ran out of creativity in naming his customers. "Farid" in Germany is semi-plausible, an arabic first name is not super common there but "Farida" in South Korea? Is he joking?

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  9. I would buy it from Amazon or Newegg. The Razer Store withdrew my money, then cancelled my orders twice in a row. It took two weeks to get a refund. I had to contact Paypal directly in order to get the refund issued. I just purchased a blade with Newegg due to Amazon being out of the Pro's and it shipped same day via the same payment info. Never again Razer Store!

    Did I mention it took a week for the razer customer support to email me a generic message about refreshing my browser and trying to place MORE orders? Seriously disappointed. Luckily a person answered my second email. It was just hard to understand due to all the spelling and grammar errors.
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  10. DrQuach

    DrQuach Member

    I just would buy it from the Razer Store, if not other trusted and known stores
  11. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    I would +1 on the razerstore or at least Microsoft store. Much easier to get tech support and for peace of mind. With the cost associated with this premium gaming laptop, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
  12. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member or are probably your best bets.
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