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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nyltje, Nov 15, 2016.

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  1. Maxx016

    Maxx016 New Member

    -Razer Goliathus Control Fissure - Medium
    -Razer Kraken Mobile
    And I`m also buyng a Deathadder Chroma for CyberWeekend.. :D
  2. WilliDK312

    WilliDK312 Member

    looking at specs I would say the best mouse for my purpose is the Razer Mamba (non te). Its wireless and wired!!!! :DD:D:D Also all my friends have the Razer Blackwidow chroma :)
  3. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    Best was my Kraken 7.1 headset, i rarely use my speakers anymore, the absolute worst was the Nabu X, i bought one for my dad and one for me and we both don't use them anymore.
  4. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    Best value: Deathadder when on sales

    Worst Value: Headphone Stand, Miscellaneous items, Kraken

  5. Stowed4Sea

    Stowed4Sea New Member

    To be honest, I also thought the blade was a complete rip-off, but then I started looking for comparison specs of similar laptops this Black Friday as I was going to buy something as I'm converting from Powerful Desktop/crappy laptop to one good laptop.

    There were a ton of other laptops out there this Black Friday that had a 1060 in them for around $1100. At first, it seemed like a complete rip-off and I had a hard time looking at the Razer price tag. But then I started comparing the specs, and all the other laptops were lacking in one or more of the following categories: Killer wireless connectivity, half the RAM, half the SSD storage and twice the weight.

    Granted, I'm not sure I needed 16GB ram instead of only 8GB, but the SSD was a big deal. The biggest deal breakers for me were I found Zero other laptops that had a thunderbolt 3 connection and Zero other laptops that were anything close to the size/weight of the Blade.

    You can upgrade the SSD and RAM on those other laptops if you want, and it would still be a bit cheaper than the Blade, but you cannot change the shape and size of the laptop. As someone who does about 50% of my gaming away from my desk, those factors were well worth the money for someone like me. Not to mention that the Blade gives me the peace of mind that with the Thunderbolt 3 and Core, I can just buy a desktop card in 2-3 years and get a whole new computer, yeah it will be aging, and yeah I could probably buy another cheaper laptop for the same price as a Core+Card, but then again, it wouldn't be a slim, light, sleek looking Blade that I need in my travels.

    I haven't thought too much about the Blade Pro, but I imagine it is a similar story. Most of the cost comes from engineering all that stuff into something that small of a frame and making it so light. If you don't care about light weight, small form factor, then I agree, it is very over priced. If it does matter to you, then there simply is not another option. If you want a small, lightweight and gaming laptop, Razer currently is the only option.

    For my money, I think that the Blade is a very good value, but I think the best value is the Razer DeathAdder. Putting my hand on that mouse is the best feeling in the world, even when considering all the other crude things that some of you may be thinking right now. I consider the DeathAdder the best value because they could put just about any price on that mouse and I'd still buy it.

    I'd almost say the Razer Blade Stealth has the best value when combined with the Core, I almost bought one myself as a cheaper replacement from my desktop than the Blade+core combo, however, that duo core in the stealth just isn't fast enough for my needs. Indeed, some of my favorite games, like Ashes of the Singularity actually requires a quad core, so it just isn't viable. Possibly in a few years when tech has advanced enough and they can put a full quad core in there without losing battery performance, but right now, it is just slightly below my needs. Otherwise, I'd say that was by the best value of all their systems.
  6. BitBeaker

    BitBeaker New Member

    I currently have a Razer naga and I love it! It's been doing tons of work for me and I wouldn't trade it for any other mouse. It's by far the best that I have owned. I also just ordered a Razer Kraken headset (the green one) after trying a pair on at a local store. I can't wait for it to get here. It's the most comfortable headset I've tried and I look forward to putting it to work.
  7. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Best value: Razer Deathadder, they were on amazon for $40 even when not on sale

    Worst value: For me its keyboards, they dont add anything to a competitive gaming setup
  8. Stowed4Sea

    Stowed4Sea New Member

    Yeah, actually I never considered the keyboard. I bought a Blackwidow Chroma at full price earlier this year, I think it was like $150 or $160. Whatever it was, it was overpriced. I loved the DeathAdder so much, I thought that their keyboard would do the same thing for my hands when typing, but it didn't. going from a cheap $10 Amazon Basics keyboard, it is certainly a lot nicer, but not that much more awesome. The only nice thing I care about is the anti-ghosting, because it makes league of legends combos easier, but I could have gotten that for much cheaper.

    I think if they come out with an ergonomic keyboard, similar to what what the DeathAdder did for mice for me, then I'll re-consider, but right now I kinda regret that purchase, even if it would have been at Black Friday pricing. Plus, I only get to use it about 50% of my gaming time as most of it is done away with a laptop, and I'm not bringing that thing with me on the road.
  9. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Couldnt have said it better myself. Totally what I wanted to say as well.
  10. Melvanilla

    Melvanilla Member

    I would have to go with blackwidow like everyone else here, about to get my self one too!
  11. Stowed4Sea

    Stowed4Sea New Member

    I think you may have only skimmed the last couple of responses, because we were saying that it is actually the worst value. Not that it is bad, the quality is top notch, but for our money, it isn't worth it.

    Not trying to dissuade you in any way, it is all personal preference. A few threads above, someone was saying that the Blade was way overpriced, and it is if you don't value getting a laptop as light and thin as possible, but for me, it is definitely worth the price, but for others they felt like it was very overpriced. In the end, it is all about what it is worth to you. I wish you the best with your new BlackWidow!
  12. Melvanilla

    Melvanilla Member

    i see what you're saying, then again i have everything else but a good keyboard so that is probably what is worth in my eyes, it would be either the blackwidow (non tourny) and logitech G910 Orion, and since most of my other items are Razer i would like to keep it uniform
  13. Stowed4Sea

    Stowed4Sea New Member

    Yeah, that's honestly what influenced my decision more than anything else. I loved their products so much, I never thought of going with any other brand. For me it was more of a "Razer mechanical keyboard VS cheapo $10 keyboard" not "Razer mechanical keyboard VS other mechanical keyboards".

    If I was buying a mech keyboard, it was going to be a Razer. Personally, I just wish that I had saved the money and put it towards something else.
  14. pillowism

    pillowism Active Member

    Well my old mouse was running sort of sluggish for me, and one time in walmart i found myself staring at a razer naga chroma in the store, i was standing there for a minute and when i turned around my dad was asking someone to unlock the shelf so that he can buy it for me(;U; Thanks dad), but it has BEEN AMAZING using it, i play comp in Brawlhalla and got to gold 2-5 last season, really useful so i can move around and quickly throw things at other players, its feels like i have an extra finger, i believe i got this 4 months ago, it has a resistance feel to it and i like it, really grips on you during comp matches, my old mouse doesn't stand during a 2 vs 2 match, I was the only one left when my teammate died and it was 2 vs 1, I used one of the side buttons to mute my teammate screaming and clutched the match :D
  15. dailyretroBronze553

    dailyretroBronze553 New Member

    deathadder mouse for sure
  16. saxophender

    saxophender Member

    I would disagree with your thoughts on the standard blade. and the stealth does not actually have a graphics card. i have been comparing the two for about a month now and ive finally decided on the $2100 qhd late 2016 model razer blade because for the performance it is actually cheaper than going with the stealth with a 1060 in the core. yes these laptops are pricey based on their components but im buying based on their sheer size and the fact that they seem to be the only laptops on the market that use %100 ssd storage.
  17. thatbold1

    thatbold1 New Member

    I have i think the best of razer: blackwidow chroma, deathadder 2013, and a kraken 7.1 2013
  18. wesdalelio

    wesdalelio Member

    The Razer Orochi! Perfect everything companion, and great battery life!
  19. AwkwardBlue

    AwkwardBlue Member

    I know that the stealth does not have a graphics card. But it's got decent integrated graphics. And cool if you wanna go with the blade, go for it. I just personally prefer the stealth. It also depends on what you do. If your a extreme gamer, then of course, if it's cheaper, go with the blade in stead of the stealth and the core. But if you someone like me and only do light gaming but mostly do do stuff like photoshop and video editing, the stealth is awesome for the price.
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  20. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    I think the razer Abyuss v2 is the best, it's is fifty US dollars and just performs great no fancy lighting.
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