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Best Razer Product to use for computer gaming?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RazerDheepan, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. RazerDheepan

    RazerDheepan New Member

    I personally love to game on the PC. However, people sometimes find it hard to game without a proper mouse. They always look to razer for help with this. It really depends on how comfortable the mouse is. If it is not comfortable, you would not like playing with it. I usually play Counter Strike Global Offensive and i always use my Razer Naga. Some of my friends use the Razer Deathadder but it is all up to your preferences.

    What mouse would you recommend from Razer?
  2. shortpower24

    shortpower24 Active Member

  3. Vergiliy

    Vergiliy New Member

    i Think it Razer Mamba)
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  4. Saboter

    Saboter New Member

    I have to agree! Simple and superb!
  5. It really depends on which type of games are you playing the most and how much flexible do you feel in using that same, let's say mouse for example, on other type of games as well.
    Another important factor are your hands, how comfortable do you feel on an specific multi-button mouse or a simple ambidextrous mouse, the grip is important if you're going to spend many hours playing.

    Now in my opinion, generally speaking the Deathadder is a very functional all-purpose mouse, both for gaming and daily use, yet as of my personal experience, I'd recomment the Naga (2014) if you're into MMOs and like to have many available flexibility in setting keybinds and macros.
  6. Jonas45

    Jonas45 New Member

    razer kraken and deathadder
  7. tystern4

    tystern4 New Member

    Ouroboros is probably ur best option. Have had it for a while now and no problems so far. Excellent response plus lots of customizable options. Note that it does feel to over the top of bulky in your hand.
  8. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    I currently own the Razer Kraken Pro Originals in black and have to say that hands down, they are the best gaming headphones for their price. The sound, comfort and looks are all amazing and would recommend for all gamers old and new!
  9. igromanru

    igromanru New Member

    I think it Kraken Pro)))
  10. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    I got them when they first came out and just wanted to call them originals because they were the first of their kind before the 7.1 and coloured ones. Its been years and still i love them
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  11. gingrawr

    gingrawr New Member

    I like the Razer naga Hex. Lots of buttons.
  12. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    The hex is a very good mouse but i just dont like the look of it. I like the look of the Ouroboros and the Mamba a lot. I would recommend the tiapan also because it has macros and a good look
  13. GangControl

    GangControl New Member

    I have smaller sized hands, and play with a palm grip. As I can't seem to find any Razer mice in stores to look at, any ideas which mouse would be best for me? I currently use a Steelseries Sensei and it's a bit too wide/long for my liking, but it's manageable. Looking for something of similar quality with a better fit.
  14. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    I use a corsair M95 for MOBA games it is a compact mouse that has a good number of buttons and suits the palm grip well. I also use the palm grip and the Naga is also a good fit for my grip and hand size
  15. igromanru

    igromanru New Member

    Love them too)))
  16. GangControl

    GangControl New Member

    I appreciate the feedback, but I should have probably mentioned that I don't really play MOBAs. I do a little bit of mmorpg, but I mostly play FPS like CS:GO etc. I don't really need all the extra buttons. 5 buttons would be ideal (L, R, scroll, and two thumb buttons).
  17. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    I play battlefield 3 & 4 as well as titanfall. The corsair M95 is a great option for all types of gaming. Also keep in mind that not ALL buttons have to be used but it is one of the best and most useful mouses i've ever used. I used to have a R.A.T. fps mouse and found i needed a few more buttons for other things that I would like to do.
  18. instapro8

    instapro8 New Member

    The razor death adder and black widow have been doing me wonders so far
  19. GangControl

    GangControl New Member

    Good to know! Thanks! I think I'm just afraid of fat finger syndrome and not being able to hit the button(s) I'm actually looking for under pressure. :D
  20. thekraken11

    thekraken11 New Member

    Great mouse all around and the buttons are positioned in a great way the "fat finger syndrome" wont affect you ;D
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