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Best way to clean PC peripherals?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by skaravaios, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. skaravaios

    skaravaios New Member

    I don't know if there is already a post about that but...
    I have a blackwidow,a naga 2014 and kraken 7.1 and i really want to know what is the best way to clean them.
    Is it ok if i remove every key and clean it? And what should i use for wet cleaning?
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  2. Rubysea

    Rubysea New Member

    Last time I used a computer cleaner and rubbing alcohol, it seemed to work ok.
  3. cheesemarathon

    cheesemarathon New Member

    I have an anti static alcohol screen cleaner that i use on everything and an antistatic cloth. Just prevents dust sticking to stuff again so quick.
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  4. Rubysea

    Rubysea New Member

    Ohh there is also this putty stuff that I have used.
  5. I would not recommended to disassembly your components, but rubbing alcohol and air cans are pretty good and safe to use to clean electronic components.
  6. vCrono

    vCrono Member

    Never underestimate the power of Q-Tips. They reach everything, scrub away stains/grime, and pick up dust/crumbs/junk.
  7. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Here ya go... From good 'ol Paul from NewEgg
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  8. psidragon

    psidragon New Member

    Like everyone has mentioned here, I used rubbing alcohol with Q-tips. Q-tips work great because you can get into tight spots with them and rubbing alcohol works really good. Just like ATMcboy said, don't disassemble anything. Good Luck.
  9. Cliffeh

    Cliffeh Member

    Personally, I use a product called muc-off, a microfibre cloth and what you guys call a q-tip! Keeps everything perfectly clean. Although I've heard great things about that putty stuff you can get for cleaning keyboards, I'll probably try that out soon :)
  10. I always just use a can of compressed air. If it's really nasty use a q-tip.
  11. greatCoffeetools442

    greatCoffeetools442 New Member

    i used a strong table vacuum and it worked fine
  12. raijinshou

    raijinshou New Member

    High pressure air blower, I have one. The air will blow everything inside the keyboard out. for external, you should use alcohol.
  13. Striker62

    Striker62 New Member

    Air compressor and alcohol. :)
  14. jerry1337

    jerry1337 Member

    Using tissue and alcohol :)
  15. skaravaios

    skaravaios New Member

    thanks for the advice guys...Basically is blow air,use alcohol and antistatic cloth...i ll keep that in mind
  16. I use pc cleaning wipes I just have lying around.
  17. iwissky

    iwissky New Member

    tissue and alcohol
  18. I usually remove all keys of a keyboard, and clean them one at a time before putting them back. Same goes for mouse, handset on the other hand is simple wet wipes.
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