Black Desert Online’ Brings High Fantasy MMORPG Action to Xbox One

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    Massive online experiences are remarkable, sometimes life-defining, experiences that can transcend the servers they live in. It’s not new per say, players in “Ultima Online” were some of the first to build communities that were almost exclusively connected through virtual relationships back in 1997. Flash forward more than two decades and the MMORPG genre isn’t nearly open as it used to be, finding a unique community with the an impactful emotional investment has only gotten harder.
    The high fantasy adventure of “Black Desert Online’”is one of the few examples of a modern MMORPG that absolutely hits it out of the park. The PC version, which released in North America in 2016, has more than 3 million registered users that treat the in-game world as a second home. Now the games expansive world and gripping combat are coming to Xbox One.
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