Black Widow Essential - change lighting to perminatly on OR perminatly diable - desolder is OK

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Teriyaki.Handsome, Nov 6, 2020.

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  1. Teriyaki.Handsome

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    I have a Black widow Chroma V2 and love it. I recently started working from home and have picked up a friends old black widow essential keyboard to use for work. . . The only Problem is that it defaults to breathing AND my work laptop CANNOT have any unauthorized software on it. Synapse is considered unauthorized software for security reasons.

    With that in mind is there any easy way to change the lighting to always on? If not always off? If not that then does anyone have a diagram so that I can bust out the soldering iron and physically jumper or remove components to strong arm the keyboard into working the way I want it it to?

    This seems like a serious lack of insight that Razer had in the getting rid of features that $20 Chinese RGB keyboards have. I thought I was getting a better product, but in the end my Wife's E-Elements would have been a better fit for me!
  2. Teriyaki.Handsome

    Teriyaki.Handsome New Member

    Well with no replies I traced the circuit and deduced enough to jumper a ground to an existing pad that wasn't in use. Don't mind the crap soldering job, It ends up I lost my soldering kit in the last move, so I had to use my automotive kit with wayyyyyy to big of a tip and solder. Basically I connected the lower right pin out from J1 (pin 9 I believe?)to an unused resistor pad that was right next to R220, and rounded out the circuit.

    Take a look at the pic if you want to know more.

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  3. Teriyaki.Handsome

    Teriyaki.Handsome New Member

    Working great, I won't update further unless something burns out.
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