Blackshark v2 pro unbalance sound

Discussion in 'Audio' started by edgarlau, Dec 23, 2020.


Do you have same issue on V2 pro?

  1. No.

  2. Yes, V2 pro.

  3. Yes, other razer model headphone.

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  1. edgarlau

    edgarlau New Member

    I just receive my blackshark v2 pro, and test the THX 7.1 by Synapse, and found the left side always louder than right side.
    what happen?
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  2. Densvenske

    Densvenske New Member

    Yes have the same problem. But my headset is higher sound on right side... Bought them today!
  3. edgarlau

    edgarlau New Member

    I made a clean/full delete the synapse, restart and download the latest version
  4. Densvenske

    Densvenske New Member

    Done that two no change. Did it work for you?
    Does your 3.5 mm work right? Mine does not.
  5. edgarlau

    edgarlau New Member

    re-install work for me
    hmm....not yet test 3.5mm=0=
  6. Densvenske

    Densvenske New Member

    Please do ;) I send mine back in the week because of this problem. I mayby got a Monday ex
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