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Blackwidow Chroma Stealth Layout Release?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Evees, Feb 20, 2015.

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  1. Evees

    Evees New Member

    Hey guys, i'd like to ask if we can get some informations about the blackwidow stealth chroma. ATM its only with US Layout available - will this be changed and other Layouts will be available too ? E.g a DE Layout . Would be awesome if i get some positiv messege back.
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  2. Di5array

    Di5array New Member

    Same here, except I really want a UK layout Blackwidow Chroma Stealth
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  3. nicb19

    nicb19 Member

    There are a few threads about this with no responses. Does anyone at Razer know if the BW Chroma Stealth will be released in other layouts? @Razer|Technokat
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  4. Evees

    Evees New Member

    That's what i asked myselfe too.. Does anyone care about us?
  5. kushal

    kushal Member Staff Member

    Hi All,

    As of now the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth is available only in US layout and is sold exclusively via the RazerStore.

    The regular BlackWidow Chroma is available in all regional layouts including DE and UK.
  6. xVioletBluefirst601

    xVioletBluefirst601 New Member

    That's kind of an overstatement. :) There are lots of layouts in which you do not sell your keyboards, PT for one. Even the Spanish (ES) layout I kept an eye on the chroma BW for so long to see if the ES layout was ever available, I never saw units available for it. Ended up settling for the usual UK.
  7. Yaki1337

    Yaki1337 New Member

    but we dont want the regular one -.- This noisy blue/green switch sucks.....
    It cant be this hard to give us the silent switches.

    Its hard to be an German Razer Fan. No Blade, no Stealth Edition, no German Insider Section. I hate it to write in english, because my english is bad. This is the reason of my low postcounter
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  8. Evees

    Evees New Member

    Well I didn't ask for the regular one.. Even in the thread header it says STEALTHED version... So this answer was kinda unnecessary.

    Totally agree with Yaki - It cant be this hard to give us the BW Chroma with Silent Switches in an other Layout then US..

    Please guys.
  9. Di5array

    Di5array New Member

    Well that's a massive spanner in the works, my criteria was (RGB + brown or orange switch + UK layout), a small-ish difference it may be, but I don't feel like I should be 'making do' with a £140 keyboard... should I force myself to get a US layout, or I dunno, buy Corsair? xD Dammit Razer
  10. Yaki1337

    Yaki1337 New Member

    buy the corsair. If you buy the Razer without your creteria nothing will change! The normal BW CHroma already excist, so their is no problem, they only have to change the switches. This is no big deal, but razer has no love four us fans outside the us
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