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Blackwidow chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by danil44, May 31, 2018.

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  1. danil44

    danil44 New Member


    i want to order blackwidow chroma v1 or 2 but i dont like the macro keys can i order something like special order or what ?
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    You can buy the Blackwidow X keyboard - it doesn't have macro keys, but it differs from the non-X version or BlackWidow (metal frame, open top design).
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  3. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Blackwidow TE, TE V2, Blackwidow X Chroma, and Blackwidow X Ultimate do not have macro keys.
    Blackwidow TE+ has no keypad, no USB ports on side, no macro keys
    Blackwidow X+ has no macro keys, and a aluminum frame with exposed switches.
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  4. danil44

    danil44 New Member

    But i need it non x without macro and with numpad its a hard combo with bw chroma i know... i played with the bw v2 with macro and i miss clicked to many keys in game its hard for me to get used to it with macro.
    I saw there is an overwatch edition without macro can i buy keycaps for it and replace it cause i dont like the font

    Btw thx for help

    And sorry for my bad english
  5. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Yes, you can get a keycap set off of eBay and replace all the keycaps. Will be difficult replacing the space bar, enter bar, etc however. And you will have the annoying decal. Hope this helps.
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  6. danil44

    danil44 New Member

    ok thank you very much can you give me a good keycaps seller link ?
  7. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    No. You can take 60 seconds out of your day, though, and google it, or just look it up on eBay.
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