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Blackwidow Lite 2

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by kurtalfonse, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. kurtalfonse

    kurtalfonse New Member

    I have a razer blackwidow lite for my Office use and gaming use , i have a razer mercury white line up with mouse/ mousemat / base station. but my keyboard is just white with no rgb and no numeric pad

    IF your going to make a gaming/office keyboard make it RGB and put a number pad. i have so many coworkers using blackwidow lite and we all have the same complain.

    We can't buy a huntsman it's too noisy
    We can't buy a Blackwidow elite cause it's not white our office is white

    Want to take our money? make a Blackwidow lite 2 with yellow switches/orange/red linear. or just make the same keyboard put numpad and RGB on it and name it blackwidow lite 2 mercury

    been waiting for 2 years just make one!!! and take our money!
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  2. The blackwidow lite startrooper edition was actually my very first Razer purchase and it comes with these orange rubber rings and the took to remove each key and you take and apply the the orange ring on each or wherever you want and it leaves the click but but softens the push click and it helps a world a difference believe it or not, look up that version I am talking about you will see?!
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