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Blackwidow Ultimate problems

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Bmt1475, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Bmt1475

    Bmt1475 New Member

    I am having issues where my black widow Keyboard keeps cycling on/off ever 8 seconds or so... This only occurs when Razer snypse 3.0 is installed... I tried using 2.0 and I am unable to configure my keyboard from there. I also just purchased a Naga trinity today and would like to use the numpad for my side buttons but I am stuck between either having synapse for my mouse or remove it for my keyboard.. please don't make me return my mouse and switch to corsair because your software has problems....
    I also entered my serial number in your "contact customer support" and it told me it was incorrect and when I clicked the "contact us" hyper link there it just refreshes the page and runs me through the same loophole.....
  2. Bmt1475

    Bmt1475 New Member

    I've also tried going into my power management settings for the USB and keyboard devices and disabled the power management module there....
    I also tried installing the firmware update from the guide your website that says to try this if have issues.. still no dice.
  3. MarshyMooo

    MarshyMooo New Member

    Mine had the same issue - Apparently, it's a known issue and you have to get in contact with them for an RMA return. I'm currently in the middle of awaiting the item to be returned.
  4. Bmt1475

    Bmt1475 New Member

    how did you contact them because when I try to do that with the "contact us" button it asks for the serial number then tells me it's incorrect or doesn't exist?
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