Blackwidow V3 Has same taskbar issues as Huntsman on x570 chipset motherboards

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Redbeardtpirate, Apr 4, 2021.

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  1. Redbeardtpirate

    Redbeardtpirate New Member

    same issue that apparently this firmware fixed for the huntsman

    originally brought to light by this guy, at least ive been following this guy's threads around trying to figure out my issue.

    Same exact problem, IDENTICAL symptom. same computer, only i have a blackwidow v3, not a huntsman. I just built this pc and was wondering why it was running horrible and switched out the blackwidow for a old logitech keyboard and it fixed the taskbar and performance issues immediately.

    please put out a firmware fix for this.
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  2. losingmysenses

    losingmysenses New Member

    This is effecting my new build as well. Blackwidow appears to be exactly that lol.

    Going back to my 10 year old Razer Deathstalker for now.

    Also, I think it's with Ryzen builds in general, not just x570.

    I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5800x / ASUS B550-E
  3. Redbeardtpirate

    Redbeardtpirate New Member

    they stopped helping me because I was not willing to format my pc to recreate a video for them, despite the issue being literally exactly the same as the video in the previous huntsman mini thread, down to the same apps messing up on boot.
  4. Redbeardtpirate

    Redbeardtpirate New Member

    maybe if you can get a video if it happening they will believe me but they refused to b believe it was the same as the huntsman issues unless I showed them. not sure why that would matter when they had half of my system config.
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