Blackwidow X Chroma Unboxing & First Impressions (Video)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by playnasc, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    Wow that was fast...
    Ordered the keyboard yesterday, got it today! Thanks Razer!

    I made an unboxing video for the BW X Chroma.

    First impressions: I like it. As soon as I saw the design I knew I had to get one right away to possibly replace my Corsair Strafe RGB. Using it right now, loving it so far.

    Any comments or questions feel free to leave it down below.
    I also plan on making a video comparing this and the Corsair Strafe RGB so stay tuned.
  2. Royalty_

    Royalty_ New Member

    Do you think the standard Blackwidow Chroma is better than the X or not?

    Not sure if you own a Blackwidow Chroma. If not then just compare it to the Blackwidow Ultimate that you have.
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  3. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Whoa nice! That was really quick! I think you'll enjoy your BW X - will be sharing this video!
  4. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    I used to own the BW Chroma. IMO the design on the X looks much better. But on the downside there is no USB passthrough, macro keys, or audio/mic passthrough that the BW ultimate had. The BW Ultimate also has macro keys so if those are important I would suggest you get that one instead.

    Thanks Min!
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  5. Royalty_

    Royalty_ New Member

    Have already got a Blackwidow Chroma but was wondering whether or not to 'upgrade'.


    Let me know what you prefer.
  6. shadygunz

    shadygunz Member

    hmmm tempting to change my CM storm TKI for one of those, I just need a reason to justify it properly.
  7. bizFawnclub310

    bizFawnclub310 New Member

    I have the blackwidow chroma for about 1 week. Should i return it and get this one?
  8. Royalty_

    Royalty_ New Member

  9. Dang that was quick! Thanks for the unboxing, I'm thinking about getting one to upgrade from my Blackwidow Ultimate because the design is so sexy and chroma rainbow :heart:.
  10. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    Do they have the same rubberized surfaces that the BW Chroma has? Or is just metal/plastic through and through? These rubber surfaces peel easily in tropical countries, especially in homes that may not have the air conditioning turned on the whole time.
  11. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    The only "upgrade" would be in terms of design. Other than that the X is smaller, has no macro keys, no usb/audio pass through. If you love those macro keys then I would suggest you keep the BW ultimate you have.

    If you're talking about the rubber surfaces on the bottom of they keyboard, yes they are still there.
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  12. leontang

    leontang New Member

    I really like this keyboard, but the lack of macro keys for the 159 pricetag is a bit high imo.
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