Blade 14 2017 'F' key not lighting up

Discussion in 'Systems' started by techheadRedBrown677, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. techheadRedBrown677

    techheadRedBrown677 New Member

    Got a Blade from 2017 and yesterday the 'f' started to light up less than the other keys. If i max out the brightness on the keyboard, all the keys light up fine, except the 'f' one. It lights up, but at around only 30%, whereas the rest are at 100%. Tried to reset the chroma profile and change the lighting theme, not sure why this is happening.
  2. Razer.FirePenguin

    Razer.FirePenguin Keeper of the Flames, Bane of Sardines Staff Member

    Can you show a screenshot of this so we can have a look?
  3. techheadRedBrown677

    techheadRedBrown677 New Member

    It fixed itself. Been fine for a day now
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