Blade 14 (2021) Dedicated GPU on Battery

Discussion in 'Systems' started by steven426489, Nov 27, 2021.

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  1. steven426489

    steven426489 New Member

    No matter what power settings I try, Windows power, Nvidia and Radeon my Blade defaults to integrated GPU on battery. As soon as I plug it in even mid game it auto switches over to the dedicated and FPS shoot through the roof. What am I missing?
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  2. steven426489

    steven426489 New Member

    For anyone else that runs into low FPS on batter. Turns out I had the windows settings settings correct, the GeForce Experience had an optimize battery set to cap at 30 fps when not plugged in.
  3. Xui87

    Xui87 New Member

    Well, you can set the Performance slider in your Synapse to High and you will not have any limitation in my experience. But I have the slight impression that the settings from windows and Synapse are kinda overriding each other depending on the task.

    I have another question on that btw, is it possible - or let's say, is there an easy way - to completely deactivate the RTX card while on battery? For me it only draws a lot of battery since it is constantly running alongside the AMD GPU and has literally no effect except of power consumption. When I'm on battery I am mostly working or surfing the web, so I will never need the decent power of the nVidia on battery.
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