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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jun 14, 2021.

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  1. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Well-Known Member

    Looks great.
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  2. ThaiAssassin

    ThaiAssassin New Member

    Amazing design
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  3. its just dope my dream laptop
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  4. Double0Simon

    Double0Simon New Member

    What I’m wondering is if the keyboard keys are changeable to azerty.
    I don’t mean true the settings but physically as wel.
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  5. TeaRoseeasyegg892

    TeaRoseeasyegg892 New Member

    What a beast?
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  6. Nice that it has come
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  7. Overkilled95

    Overkilled95 Active Member

    what a beast +1
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  8. Erikairridcomputer

    Erikairridcomputer New Member

    for gamers, by gamers
  9. dappstr

    dappstr New Member

    Now if only you guys could provide the MID or shipping information to FedEx maybe it could actually get delivered to us.
  10. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    I am now 45 days into using my Blade 14 and after a rough first week of some conflicting Windows updates (solved by a system refresh) it has been smooth sailing and I have been more than pleased with the machine and how it performs. In a couple weeks I am going to be heading to an industry event and it will give me a chance to push my Blade 14 as I will be using it to edit some video and a lot of images and I have complete confidence that it will exceed my needs and expectations. It is a really solid piece of hardware.
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  11. Benita5218

    Benita5218 New Member

  12. fedayi.92

    fedayi.92 New Member

    So are you confirming that FreeSync works with the dedicated GPU on the Blade’s native screen? It just doesn’t show up in Nvidia Control Panel? That’s the only thing which keeps me from buying this laptop, as I’m basically spoiled by Adaptive Sync technology. I just don’t want to use an external display to access it. I want it on the Blade’s screen.
  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Freesync is amd technology you won’t found it forever on nvidia control panel. Blade 14 has freesync premium on its internal panel, so basically you won’t see any tearing similiar as when using g sync, if you have FHD (3060) model with high input lag (under 10ms on qhd 3070/80 vs ca 20ms on FHD), there will be ghosting noticed on fast shooting titles but it’s different story.
  14. fedayi.92

    fedayi.92 New Member

    I know it’s AMD’s tech and that it wouldn’t show up in Nvidia Control Panel. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, sorry. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to enjoy adaptive sync (be it FreeSync or G-sync) using dedicated GeForce graphics on laptop’s native screen? In other words, is Blade 14’s panel “G-sync compatible”? Or I have to resort to an external monitor for that? I recently asked this question to a youtuber who reviewed the Blade 14 and he said that FreeSync works only with CPU’s internal graphics, because the dedicated GPU isn’t wired directly to display, so it wouldn’t recognize it as “G-sync compatible”. I’m still not sure where it stands and want some more clarification. You see, I’m intrigued by this laptop and looking into buying it, but I want an adaptive sync technology which works on the main display (not external) with GeForce GPU.
  15. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hmm than that YouTuber is wrong it’s wired to internal of course if not you can’t play games on it, maybe he meant directly, in that term yes, it’s communicating with amd cpu as on this kind optimus laptop internal monitor is controllered by igpu (amd) in other word amd freesync premium technology (if you toggle it on amd software) would happen regardless gpu brand, check for example using pendulum (for testing g sync) you won’t notice any screen tearing unlike on monitor without freesync/g sync technology, let say Blade 14 2017 or blade stealth, there you’ll see tearing. Well it’s clearly not g sync but you will see no tearing, using external monitor that has g sync capability of course you can enjoy also that nvidia technology, but I don’t see the difference in term no tearing, only you get better performance (FPS) for bypassing optimus, communication through amd cpu First would bottleneck some performance, the process should make also a bit workload for cpu resulting higher temperature i believe.
  16. ad4mc

    ad4mc New Member

    Does it support dual monitors? It only has one HDMI port and no VGA or thunderbolt (since it AMD architecture), so it would appear it can only be connected to a single monitor.
  17. fedayi.92

    fedayi.92 New Member

    Of course he meant directly. Well then, I’m still not 100% sure if FreeSync works on GeForce GPU, too. I’ve led to believe that FreeSync works only with internal AMD graphics (if you’re playing a game on laptop’s screen using iGPU), but if you’re using GeForce for playing games and still want an adaptive sync technology, then you have to resort to an external FreeSync/G-sync monitor, as it won’t work on native screen. Have you got the Blade 14? Have you tested FreeSync in full screen games played on GeForce? Is there no tearing? Sorry if I annoy you with the same question, but I want to be ABSOLUTELY sure that FreeSync works on the NATIVE screen using DEDICATED Nvidia graphics before I splurge a large sum of money on Blade 14.
  18. diminishedfifth

    diminishedfifth New Member

    Hi all, new owner of the 3070 model. This is a wonderful piece of, well it's essentially art. Quick question, I'm going to be looking for an external monitor soonish and am absolutely confused if this external monitor needs to be gsync or freesync. Would a gsync compatible monitor suffice sounds like that could cover all bases?? Let's just say the last time I was heavily invested in pc gaming, well vsync wasn't even a thing lol. I just need to know which "sync" monitor would be optimal for a Blade with the 3070. Hopefully thanks :)
  19. Krydakai

    Krydakai New Member

    external monitor uses 3070, so G-Sync monitor
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  20. diminishedfifth

    diminishedfifth New Member

    Thanks for the quick response, that info is greatly appreciated.

    One more question, if you can entertain that, I've been doing a lot of reading regarding G-Sync & FreeSync lately, so my memory is all over the place. I think I recall reading something about how using a displayport instead of HDMI will allow all the 'benefits' (sorry for the lack of proper terminology) but since the Blade doesn't have a displayport we would have to get an active DP to HDMI adapter? Any truth in this? Thanks
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