BLADE 15 BASE EDITION | More Power. More Frames.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. MehmetTR.

    MehmetTR. New Member

  2. Um interesantr
  3. Clint-Beastwood

    Clint-Beastwood New Member

  4. RoninApe83

    RoninApe83 New Member

    looks good
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  5. Hassan0267

    Hassan0267 New Member

    Looks good
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  6. AfonsoTavares

    AfonsoTavares New Member

    Nice curves
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  7. Yoooo boyyy

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  8. mamad1374

    mamad1374 New Member

    good job broooooo
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  9. NIKHIL9726

    NIKHIL9726 New Member

    nice one
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  10. _H4RT_

    _H4RT_ New Member

    Sheeeesh, what a machine!
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  11. 10Abasit

    10Abasit New Member

    Hello friends,

    Good protection for your smartphone is important. ^ _ ^

    Thanks Razer.
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  12. Juunjii

    Juunjii New Member

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  13. Compact design with powerful gaming experience
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  14. DavidMarcus

    DavidMarcus New Member

    compact beast
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  15. Chrysentha

    Chrysentha Member

    Unlimited poweeeeeeer!
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  16. FlaminGamingTV

    FlaminGamingTV New Member

    :smile_::smile_: Razer just brings more and more love the brand absolutly amazing products as always :wink_: will never change to anyone or buy another brand ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    Keep up the good work RAZER and team

    Peace out...
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  17. it looks so so cool
  18. Mustardreviewhit670

    Mustardreviewhit670 New Member

    I think I have to post right
  19. M.asvar

    M.asvar New Member

    It’s looks nice
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