Blade 15 base model vs 1060 144hz advanced??

Discussion in 'Systems' started by freshRUBYPhlox526, Dec 21, 2018.

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  1. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    I have finally gotten a chance to upgrade to a 1060 razer blade 15 and Im really torn between the base (256 nvme/ 2tb) and the 512gb 144hz 1060 advanced.

    the single zone, thickness, and 60hz display on the base aren't cons for me as long as the build quality and typing experience is as good as the advanced. The difference in price is not inconsequential but not so much I wouldn't get the advanced. just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the base model and any (possibly subtle??) differences between the base and the advanced 1060?

    1. Is the keyboard as nice a typing experience?
    2. Is the build quality as good?
    3. Is the thinner display panel and/or hinge weaker?
    4. Is the thickness so noticeable?

    thanks so much!

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  2. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    So I don't have the new blade, just the older "advanced one" - but I been through a fair few windows laptops, so can answer a few.

    4 - you may notice this in pictures/straight comparison - but if it's the only laptop you own you will never think "this is just too thick"

    In fact if I'd had the option, I would happily swap a few mm's for a full RJ45 network port and storage.

    2 - No confirmed testing, but I can't imagine the costruction being that much different so build quality should still be excellent.

    It's worth having a quick look at a review from someone who does a good job of it eg like:
    and if they don't have any bad words yiou are good to go - they should also tell you about the keys.

    The only things that will really make a difference for me would be:
    • It has less battery life - though still has a good few hours so is this an issue for you?
    • you can't get the 1070 GPU - IF you take gaming seriously play 3d games this matters - if not it's a non-issue
    • Do you care about the coloured keys? (I love mine, but they have no great advantage so could easily live without them.)
    • Do you need more storage - The "advanced" can only have 1 drive and it's an expensive replacement (though easy to do)
    I think which ever you buy it will be an amazing laptop and you can't realy go wrong and after all the laptops I've used/owned I wouldn't want to buy anything else and either would make me happy (note this is my oppinion)

    Hope it helps :)
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  3. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    thank you so much! might just go with the base unless somebody else says the advanced is "so much" better.
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t have base model, but with 1060 not all games can enjoy extra higher refresh rate, you want 1070 advanced. If your games is already high FPS with 1060 it’ll be better investing on external monitor for better gaming experience, gsync monitor is already not so expensive now, 24 1440p 165Hz predator is already around €350 sometimes. And there’s still new Panel issue on 144Hz advanced, idk if it’s already addressed, you can’t switch to lower 60Hz on some Panel brands, there’s lottery playing there. So if I were you I would go for the base atm, and someday you can upgrade the gpu performance with Razer Core setting with its own unique advantages pairing with 8750H on base model.
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  5. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    thanks man. I was kinda figuring that i'd go for the base and upgrade with an egpu later. I play all games at 60hz and drive games at medium settings (on demanding titles) on a 1440p monitor with a 1060 now, so, the base model is not a downgrade.

    the 1070 blade is too hot and too expensive for me rn lol.

    tbh the thing I was most worried about why linus tech tips complained about the aluminum bottom on the base when other reviewers didn't. even in teardowns the quality looks just as good as the advanced.

  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think it’s similar with advanced model, it’s also thin bottom cover, my old stealth feels more durable in this department. But it’s sturdy enough, unless you try to bend it by purpose. Btw Linus always breaks things, hardware like gpu etc won’t last long on his hand;) so he needs super durable hardware imo lol.
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  7. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    That is true. He is rather rough and not careful with his stuff.

    bottom line is just that I would rather pay for the advanced if there are actually quantifiable build quality differences. especially since build quality is the number 1 reason why ill switch to razer.
  8. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I dont think there is many tangable differences in things like build quality.
    I think the cash saved is in smaller battery, less tech in the keyboard lights etc.

    I only think the differences are important if you want a better GPU and screen (4k or 144hz refresh)

    For me, if I was getting a 1060 model with a 60hz screen I would go for the base model every time wired network > light up keys 0 I also love the silver one.

    I personally just needed a 4k screen and a 1070
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