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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. Gintore

    Gintore New Member

    Hi all, I bought a Razer Blade 15 a month ago and the screen has been flickering since before I even booted up my first game. At first I thought it might be overheating so I ordered a cooling fan but it didn't fix it in the slightest. I tried updating windows and restarting but that didn't work either. After that I found out it could be the drivers so I started looking for where to update those but can't find it. The severity and frequency of the flickering seems totally random as sometimes it's perfectly fine and others it is pretty much unusable. Does anybody have a link to the drivers for a RZ09-0409Aed3? A solution for if it isn't the drivers or anything I've already tried would also be appreciated.
  2. I read a report that this may be caused by interference from the WiFi 6E card. Do you have a regular WiFi 6 card to test with?
  3. Gintore

    Gintore New Member

    Nope, I don't have one of those sadly. I'm also hesitant to open the thing up since I'm not very experienced and this laptop was pricey.
  4. KGSK4869

    KGSK4869 New Member

    Hi all,

    Having a question for G-sync compatibility for the QHD models if anyone could suggest here. (Almost hit the checkout button lol)

    I have been waiting for the RB Advanced 15 w/ QHD screen (RZ09-0409BWD3-R3W1) since I finally found a best combination of G-sync high res/refresh + 11th Gen intel platform (My 2Tb 980Pro is already sitting on my desk:smile_:). But was been told the QHD panel they used was on global shortage (Sharp one?). After the first batch, Razer decided to switch to an 165hz one, but cannot confirm if that is equipped with a G-sync chip or not.

    Just wondered, does anyone know any insider spec info?

    --or maybe had experience on the 15 Base model (I'm hoping they share the same monitor supplier...)? Would you be able to enable G-sync from the N control panel?

    Cheers guys
  5. percy_tc

    percy_tc New Member

    I'm an owner of a 15" Advanced with full HD screen 360hz. The screen was so crappy compared to my Blade 17 Pro 300Hz. I've measured 318 Nits max brightness. If i turn off Optimus, colors are much better and have 330 Nit brightness. Intel driver / VGA sucks.
  6. Iweber81

    Iweber81 New Member

    Was hoping you guys could help me decide which 15 model is best for me. I am a console gamer (I know flame away), moving to PC. I was hoping to use this thing for work (video editing), as well as a replacement for my xbox. I want the RTX3080 for obvious reasons but it looks like there are a ton of different display options. I plan to use my Samsung TV as my display so I am not worried about he laptop screen itself but I wasn't sure if one of the models would be better for that. Probably a stupid question, but I am new to PC gaming, sorry. I also would like to be able to charge the thing with a USB-C port, seems like not all models have that capability. I was also looking at the 14 (for the AMD option), but it looks like you cant get more than 16GB of memory, so that may not be an option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. percy_tc

    percy_tc New Member

    I have a blade 15 advanced, 11800h, 3070.

    I'm not sure that 3080 worth the extra cost as this machine is getting hot even with 3070. Someone should advice on that but my guess that 3080 has about 15% advantage max, becuase of TDP limits / heat.

    VGA: 3DMARK Timespy: 21279. Which is well in the mid range of what other laptops can do with 3070.

    CPU: 11800h, could be a beast in a desktop... In general it is better than previous generation. About 20 % improvement over 10th gen intel with the SAME clock. However it is possible to release TDP of 11800h, which could boost its clock to the stars, for few seconds... becuase it is starting to throttling. Dont misunderstand me, this is a normal thing, and I'm very happy that Razer let us change to to 80W+ instead of 45W. But speed comes with heat, heat comes with massive CPU fan noise. Do NOT expect to be able to use 80W TDP CPU + 105W TDP GPU in the same time with full speed: this is just not gonna work, everything will be throttled. However if you use production softwares, for example DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 80W TDP is great, fast and effective.

    SSD: Liteon (SSTC) SSD, some series shipped with 980 PRO. I didnt like it. It failed on me in the second week, and in general it was not as fast as my 980 PRO.

    Display: I have full HD, 360Hz. Brightness is about 330Nits, colors a not perfect for me out of the box, but it could easily calibrated to pretty decent level.

    OVERCLOCK / UNDERCLOCK: Razer disabled undervolting in BIOS, which mean you are not able to undervolt CPU with ThrottleStop. However i posted in BIOS mod thread of notebookreview forum, which enable undervolting. This improve heat / higher clock speed depends on your need.

    In general i still love this, however it is way overpriced. But ususally this is the case with premium quality stuffs. :D
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You’ve to get advanced model in order to having usb C power delivery capability. And yes it’s right choice to choose blade 15 over blade 14 for editing works that might take advantage for having bigger ram. I’d recommend for display is qhd since it’s the best of the both worlds gaming and productivity, FHD with higher refresh rate usually has lame color accuracy and 4K (Oled) on 15 it’s limited to 60Hz which’s not great for gaming or maybe browsing, higher refresh rate feels day and night difference at least to me, and it has also I believe adaptive sync (g sync) and advanced optimus which are nice features to have. For GPU option it depends on your budget and configuration, i would choose 3080 (always opt the better for better longevity like I opted back then in 2018 with advanced 14 1070 over 1060, now it’s still usable for my FHD gaming) if there’s other advantages like bigger ram for reasonable price (current owning blade 14 3070, the difference to 3080 is €600 with other ram, vram, storage, monitor exactly same specs so for like only 10% performance increase that’s not reasonable imo).
    Hope that’ll help your decision.
  9. Iweber81

    Iweber81 New Member

    Thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it! How does everyone feel about the i7 vs the Ryzen 9 5900HX? It seems like the AMD CPU beats the i7 in almost every benchmark. However, the 14" size and cooling limitations suggest that you would probably get more speed out of the i7 in the 15 Advanced. Not to mention pairing that with and extra 16GB of memory. That said, I really wish Razor would put the AMD in the 15, would make my decision a lot easier.

    Also, the above comment suggests that I should get the 15 Advanced - 11th Gen i7, 32GB, QHD, RTX3080, etc. Those specs are available on two units. RZ09-0409CEA3-R3U1 & RZ09-0409CED3-R3U1. The only difference I can see is the display being 165Hz or 240Hz. Is this worth the extra $100? I am also a little concerned that the specs pages on the 240Hz option list out USB-C with power delivery and the 165Hz option does not. I assume this is just missing information as both options have the same general input - output layout. But I could be wrong here. Also don't see G-Sync on the 165Hz option. Is this correct?

    Lastly, can anyone confirm that the HDMI port is running off the RTX GPU? Or, is it running off the integrated card? I've had issues with this on a non-gaming laptop. You couldn't necessarily run an external monitor or TV off the NVIDIA GPU because the ports were all connected to the integrated card. Thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for everyone's help!
  10. ussvalor

    ussvalor New Member

    I just bought the RZ09-0367 (360 Hz FHD screen). I understand that this version doesn't have G-SYNC. If I use an external monitor for gaming will this be an issue?
  11. frontcityVolt217

    frontcityVolt217 New Member

    I am interested in buying a Razer Blade 15. Do all the different display options have the same 300 nits brightness level or is there one of the display with higher brightness? Thanks!
  12. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure they are the same brightness. I've had two 2019 model that was an RTX2080 240hz FHD and now a 2021 RTX3080 QHD 165hz and honestly they both seem the same brightness. I never go above minimum brightness but I have put them at max just to see and they look identical to the naked eye.
  13. koshtan

    koshtan Member

    It might be a good laptop. but nothing beats a gaming desktop.
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