BLADE 15 RTX 30 SERIES | Still the Best Gaming Laptop

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. steang

    steang New Member

    The reply I got from razer support:

    To set your expectations, when the GPU Mode is in NVIDIA Optimus, the screen refresh rate cannot be adjusted. In order to change the screen refresh rate, you need to change the GPU Mode to “Dedicated GPU only”.
    Try to change the GPU Mode from the Synapse program to “Dedicated GPU Only” and reboot the laptop after."

    However. I am experiencing the issue of the laptop screen not powering on after switching optimus off. And with it On, in game settings still only show 60hz lock on the screen. I certainly think this is a bug. Still waiting for a better reply from the higher support team.

    I suspect is the panel issue rather than optimus fault. In Windows settings it doesn't even show that my panel is capable of anything other than 60hz
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  2. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Would be a shame if we are limited to 60 with optimus (igpu active).

    Hope they can fix this, since I believe the igpu should be able to handle at least 120@1440. With 120 on igpu, battery should be not be that bad compared to 60, but the screen/mouse should be smooth while not gaming (browsing web etc).

    Will do some testing myself when my blade 15 advanced (3070) arrives. If this can’t be fixed I may be returning, since 60 restriction on a 240 display/laptop (when not using dgpu) is a joke.

    If I am get this correct, with dgpu you get 240, in the very moment you exit the game/app using dgpu and switching back to igpu the display sets it self to 60 and there is no way to change this (even not through windows display settings etc itself)? So if you want your display to refresh higher then 60 while browsing web for example you have to use dgpu only? But when you do dgpu only sometimes the display will not turn on?!

    Not that advanced this optimus if this is true...
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  3. Hola gente soy nuevo :v
  4. DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287

    DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287 Active Member

    I wish I could as much as I love both of my Razer Laptops, but with this release I do wish I wouldn't have bought one of them so I could pre-order the 30 series version. Oh, and it's kind of funny too, because I have bought both laptops within the last four months, so I love the laptops I bought for sure but because they are brand new pretty much, it sucks a little because the 30 series is such a huge jump from the 20 series.
  5. steang

    steang New Member

    I can't confirm as apparently the one I receive was a faulty panel o.o. Waiting for a exchange.
  6. Thanks for the responses. These are definitely show stopper issues for me with the new Blade. So disappointing :-(
  7. steang

    steang New Member

    Previously I wrote that there were some issues with my panel. Turns out its due to the newest nvidia geforce driver causing issues.

    I rolled back the driver and disable optimus. Now the desktop is running at 165hz on my blade 15 3070.
  8. Really? That’s great to hear. What about if you set to dGPU on that driver? Does the screen consistently come on after reboot?
  9. steang

    steang New Member

    As of now everything seems working like it should.
  10. Great thank you. Which driver version is working correctly?
  11. steang

    steang New Member

    Driver 457.63
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  12. lanxinger

    lanxinger New Member

    very disappointed. no AMD 5000 series and only 8GB of video memory on the highest end models .. sorry Razer but that is too little to justify this pricing.
  13. steang

    steang New Member

    The only issues for now is thunderbolt port certification. Once this is more mainstream then maybe they will consider.
  14. harbortime

    harbortime New Member

    Major NVIDIA driver issues with the new 2021 Blade 15 Base 3070. Black screen with the new drivers. Lots of people are having the same issue. Razer needs to get it fixed!
  15. Djzeusoc

    Djzeusoc New Member

    one Day this baby is gona be mine
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  16. DavidMarcus

    DavidMarcus New Member

    love this laptop
  17. lanxinger

    lanxinger New Member

    yeah I thought so. to be honest also curious to see the new intel chips end of Q1, maybe they will be closer to the AMD performance. hope razer will swiftly update to those.
  18. skarniks

    skarniks New Member

    when will there next refresh be? jun/july?
  19. neaty_34

    neaty_34 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Razer for making your laptops expensive like Apple!
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  20. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    wished there's some love for amd
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